Communication Design

Students in the Communication Design (previously named Graphic Design Advanced) program will develop investigative and exploratory work that challenges ideas about what is traditionally accepted as output from a graphic design school. Through a series of thoughtful projects that casually blur disciplinary boundaries, the Communication Design program continually breaks new ground in building future generations of design thinkers at Red River College Polytechnic.

This is an advanced diploma. You must be a graduate of Red River College Polytechnic’s two-year Graphic Design program or have an equivalent diploma or degree in graphic design to be eligible for this 1-year advanced program of study. A portfolio of work must also be submitted for evaluation. The deadline to apply to this program is May 10.

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Entrance Portfolio

This one-year Communication Design advanced diploma is a special selection program that requires applicants already have formal training in graphic design and submit a portfolio of work. A committee will review all portfolio submissions and select those applicants who have demonstrated an advanced ability to express themselves in visual form and who show an interest in expanding their skills and testing the boundaries of design.

Applicants must first apply to the College by the May 10th deadline and meet all College entrance requirements. International applicants should apply to the college through the international student office. Students applying to the Communication Design program must be graduates of the RRC Polytech two-year graphic design diploma, or hold an equivalent degree or diploma in graphic design. As this is an advanced program, applicants must possess all the foundation skills to be successful. Spaces are limited and the number of applicants is high.

Submit your portfolio as one PDF. The portfolio should contain 10-12 pieces and cover a wide range of skills. The work can be professional or student and must demonstrate the following skills:

  • concept development
  • corporate/editorial
  • campaign design/branding
  • typography – a print/digital project showing superior typographic skills
  • website and app design, including UI/UX design and development (CSS, HTML, Java Script, jQuery etc). Describe your role in the design and production and provide online links where applicable.
  • illustration
  • print pieces that demonstrate prepress and production skills.

At the end of the PDF provide the following information:

  • project details that clearly state how each sample applies to a category, your role in the project creation and a brief rationale. Some samples may cover more than one category. Be concise and limit your writing to one page.
  • a resume (please include your RRC Polytech student number). Be sure you apply to to college before submitting your portfolio. As part of your resume include a list of software skills mastered. The program requires a solid foundation in Adobe Creative Suite – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat, XD along with CSS and HTML. Experience with Flash, After Effects, JS, jQuery, WordPress is an asset.
  • a page detailing your professional plans and goals.

Be aware that the Communication Design program is an advanced program and if, in the judgement of the selection committee, an applicant has not shown abilities that are developed to the degree that would seem appropriate for successful completion of the program, the applicant will not be recommended for admission. Deadline to apply for the program is May 10th.

Please submit your PDF portfolio via email (if under 8MB), or email a direct link to your PDF (not a shared folder) on an online storage service (Dropbox/Google Drive, etc.) before the deadline of May 20th at 4pm, to the Program Coordinator Krista Lawson at

IMPORTANT: Portfolios received after the 4 pm deadline will not be accepted.