Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations provides students, with documented disabilities, the opportunity to accurately demonstrate how well they have mastered course material by removing disability related obstacles to performance.

Exam accommodations are highly individualized and are determined according to the nature of the student’s disability, as well as course objectives and learning outcomes. Exam accommodations include, but are not limited to, reduced distraction exam environments, extended time, oral exams, scribes, and the use of assistive technology to assist in exam taking.

Use the links below to learn more about exam accommodations, as well as the eligibility requirements and processes to receive accommodations:


In order to receive exam accommodations, students must have a documented permanent or temporary disability that negatively affects exam performance. View information regarding RRC Polytech documentation guidelines.

To determine eligibility:

  1. Make an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist in Student Accessibility Services.
  2. Provide the Accessibility Specialist with documentation that confirms your disability and the need for exam accommodations.

The Accessibility Specialist will review the documentation verifying your disability and carefully consider course objectives and learning outcomes in order to determine reasonable accommodations. All accommodations are made judiciously and in accordance with documentation.

Process to receive exam accommodations

  1. Have current and approved accommodations through your Accessibility Specialist
    Within the Student Accessibility Services Portal:
  2. Complete a Student Responsibility Acknowledgement Form (once per Academic Year)
  3. Ensure you have released your Letters of Accommodation to your instructors (for every applicable course)
  4. Submit request for exam accommodations for each quiz/test/exam
  5. Use the website to check that your request was received and confirmed.

Scheduling Your Quiz, Test, or Exam

Using this website students must submit their request for exam accommodations at least 7 days in advance.

Please contact the exam accommodations staff if:

Exam Accommodation Centre Rules

Arriving On Time

  • Students arriving late will not have their time adjusted (any time missed will be lost)
  • Students must arrive within 30 minutes of their scheduled start time – if a student arrives more than 30 minutes late, they must receive written permission from their instructor for Exam Accommodations staff to allow them to write.

Writing Your Test

  • All students must have photo ID (preferably their RRC Polytech Student ID)
  • Only materials authorized by the instructor can be used or accessible during the exam
  • All materials must be handed to the proctor after the exam, including scrap paper
  • Cell phones must be turned off or on silent and remain inaccessible to the student during their exam (they cannot be left on the student in a pocket or phone clip)
  • Proctors cannot hold onto or monitor student cell phones during exams
  • All watches, whether it is a smartwatch or not, must be removed and put away while writing your exam

What You Can Bring Into Your Exam

  • Materials authorized by the instructor
  • Drinks in clear reusable containers are preferred
    • Non see-through reusable containers must be inspected by the proctor
    • Single use coffee cups (e.g. Tim’s, Starbucks, etc) are not allowed
  • Students are asked to remove their coats, large sweaters, hats, etc. If the student chooses to wear such items, staff reserves the right to inspect them
  • Students are not able to bring food into and exam, unless it is an approved accommodation


  • Although Exam Accommodations staff will do their best to ensure that noise in the exam space is at a minimum, we are not able to control all noise
  • All students are able to use ear plugs (provided by Exam Accommodations); in some situations, white noise machines or noise cancelling headphones may also be available
  • Students are encouraged to immediately speak with their proctor should they have any concerns with the noise in their exam space

Washroom Breaks

  • Students should use the washroom prior to starting their exam. During the first 30 minutes of their exam they will not be allowed to use the washroom unless absolutely required
  • After 30 minutes if students need to use the washroom they need to inform their proctor
  • Washroom breaks are supervised, and expected to be both infrequent and short in duration (less than 5 minutes)

Exam Accommodations for Distance Delivery and Continuing Education

Online Education

If you are writing an Online Distance Education exam you must submit an exam request through our department at least one week in advance of your preferred exam date. Exam Accommodations staff will then make the appropriate booking with the Exam Invigilation Centre on your behalf.

Exam Write Times

Monday – Friday, 9:00am CST
Monday – Friday, 1:00pm CST

NOTE: To ensure time accommodated exams fall within the hours the Exam Invigilation Centre is available for troubleshooting, we encourage students to book their exams at 9:00 am when possible.

Continuing Education (evening delivery)

All students requesting exam accommodations, who are registered in Continuing Education evening courses (on campus) are required to write their exams during Exam Accommodations’ regular office hours (Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm).

Additional Resources for Students and Instructors

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