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Assessment Services

Online Testing

Assessment Services has teamed up with Examity, an online proctoring service, to provide an online testing option for prospective RRC Polytech students. For a list of available test sessions, please check our events calendar.

What is Examity?

Examity is an online proctoring company that enables students to take exams remotely. For more information, please visit Examity’s website.

How does it work?

More detail about each of these steps can be found below. In order to complete online testing with Assessment Services, you must do the following:

Sign up for a test date through RRC Polytech’s events calendar

Visit our events calendar for a list of available test dates and select your preferred test session (online test dates will have the word “Online” in their title). Register for the test using your RRC Polytech account.

Generally, the deadline to sign up for your test through RRC Polytech’s registration system is a minimum of one week before your preferred test date. Specific registration deadlines can be found on the event pages. This allows us to make sure everything is set up so you can schedule your test appropriately with Examity.

Note: To ensure you don’t miss important emails from Assessment Services, please check your junk/spam folders regularly after you sign up for testing.

Set up your Examity profile

After signing up for a test date, you will receive a registration confirmation email from Assessment Services. This email will contain information about setting up your Examity profile. We encourage you to set up your profile early to avoid any unnecessary scheduling issues.

When setting up your profile, please remember to:

  • Select your correct time zone to ensure a proctor can be assigned to you at the appropriate time. Winnipeg is in the Central Time Zone, but if you are completing your assessment out of province this may be different.
  • Bring the same valid, government-issued photo ID used to create your profile to your test session.

Depending on the test you are completing, you may be sent additional information after you receive your registration email. Please make sure you save any additional emails from Assessment Services, Examity, or our third-party vendors, as you may need this information for your test session.

Run a computer requirements check

Once you have set up your profile, click on the “Computer System Requirements Check” located on the top right corner of your profile page to confirm you meet these standards:

  • Device: Desktop computer or laptop required. Examity does not work on tablets, Chromebooks, or cell phones
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome v39 or later, Mozilla Firefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8 or later, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari v6 or later
  • Internet Connection: 2 Mbps or better for upload and download speed
  • Hardware: 2GB or more of RAM, microphone and speakers, webcam
  • Webcam: Built-in or external webcam, microphone, external speakers
  • Pop-Ups: Please disable your pop-up blocker

If you need help or have any questions, Examity offers 24/7/365 technical support. Call 855-EXAMITY, email or chat with an Examity support representative through the Live Chat link on your Examity dashboard.

Note: Please run a systems requirement check right before you log in to your assessment to ensure that your internet connection is strong enough to complete your test as scheduled.

Schedule your assessment

You may have noticed when you signed up for your assessment, the test was scheduled to take place from 12:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Since Examity offers one-on-one proctoring, you can choose the time that works best for you to complete your assessment.

This means that if you register for an online test session through RRC Polytech scheduled for January 1, you will be able to schedule your assessment during any available time slot from 12:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. on January 1. Proctor availability on a particular day is not determined by RRC Polytech—please ensure you sign up with Examity early so you get your preferred time slot.

To schedule your assessment:

  • On the Examity dashboard, click “Schedule Exam”
  • From the drop-down menus, select your instructor, course, and exam name. In your case, you should only see one option listed in each drop down.
  • Select your preferred timeslot

Please ensure you schedule your assessment at least 24 hours in advance of your desired test time. If you are scheduling less than 24 hours in advance of your desired testing time, you must select the On-Demand scheduling option. You will be required to pay Examity’s on-demand scheduling fee via credit card. RRC Polytech is not responsible for on-demand scheduling fees.

To reschedule or cancel an exam:

  • On the Examity dashboard, click Reschedule/Cancel
  • Select the exam you want to reschedule or cancel from the menu

If you wish to cancel your exam, please also email so we can remove you from the registration list. You may reschedule your assessment later if necessary.

Note: The length of time allotted for online assessments is the same as tests completed in-person, e.g. three hours for the AMERA, no time limit for the DRP, etc. Due to the way the online DRP system is set up, those writing the Online – DRP are not able to schedule their own assessment. Assessment Services staff will schedule you for a time slot, and will follow up with you to switch your start time if necessary.

Take your assessment

Sign in to your Examity profile at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your exam. This will give you time to connect with your proctor and troubleshoot any technical issues. The time it takes to connect to your proctor and complete the authentication process will not count towards your test duration (if your assessment has a time limit).

On the Examity dashboard:

  • Click “Start Exam”
  • Click “Connect to Proctor”. You’ll need to disable your pop-up blocker to be able to connect with proctor support.
  • Proctor Support will walk you through the authentication process. You will be asked to:
    • Verify your identity: Hold your photo ID in front of your webcam, so that the proctor can see both your name and photo clearly.
    • Review the exam rules
    • Show your desk and workspace: The proctor will ask you to complete a 360-degree room pan and desk sweep with your webcam, to ensure your workspace is clear of any unauthorized materials.
  • Answer a security question
  • Type your unique biometric signature from your profile setup
  • Agree to the user agreement and exam rules
  • Click “Begin Exam”

Wait for your results

Results will be communicated the same way they are with in-person testing: Assessment Services will review your assessment and forward your results via email. We will also send your results to the Admissions Officer of the program of interest listed on your online account, so please ensure that this information is accurate. Timelines for specific assessment results can be found on our FAQ page.

What else do I need for my test session?

For every test session, you will require the valid, government-issued photo ID that you used to set up your Examity profile. Other requirements may vary by assessment. In some cases, for example, you will require a voucher code or password.

Additional requirements for your test session will be sent to you via email if applicable, so please follow the directions in any emails you were sent from Assessment Services, Examity, or our third-party vendors.

How long does testing take?

The length of time allotted for online assessments is the same as tests completed in-person. Information about our specific assessments can be found here. As with in-person test sessions, you are permitted to use the washroom or get something to drink as necessary, but we cannot pause your time or give you additional time if you take a break.

Please ensure you complete your assessment in one session. If you end the proctoring session before you have completed the assessment, you may be able to return to your assessment at a later date, but this cannot be guaranteed. We will deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis.

What about my privacy?

When using Examity for online exams, your webcam and computer screen will be monitored and recorded for the duration of the test. Photo IDs, security questions, and video feeds of the test-taking environment are encrypted to ensure the data is protected from unauthorized access. Only properly authorized people have access to the information that is stored. Should our authorized administrators be required to review a test session, all videos are saved for a prescribed period of time and then deleted. Individual proctor activity is recorded on video and audio. If you have any concerns after your test session, please contact us via email at

When you begin your test through Examity, you will be presented with a user agreement that you must accept before proceeding. Please click on the link and read the document, which is intended to give you a better understanding of the terms you are accepting. Note that the terms and conditions are subject to change; we will do our best to update the plain language version as necessary.

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