Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an appointment for testing?

Pre-application Testing

For the programs below, please be sure to register for the required test prior to applying. You can register online on our Events Calendar.

Bachelor of Nursing (BN) – Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) – English Skills Assessment

Health Care Aide (HCA) – Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)

Library & Information Technology (LIT) – Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)

Allied Health Sciences (AHS)Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) & Charting Task assessments are specifically for Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT), Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS), Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) and Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (DCS) – Echocardiography programs.

Degrees of Reading Power test dates, as listed in the online Events Calendar, are specific to Bachelor of Nursing, Health Care Aide, Library Information & Technology and Allied Health Sciences programs as listed above.

Community Services Academic Communication Assessment test dates, as listed in the online Events Calendar, are specific to Community Services which includes Early Childhood Education (ECE), ECE Workplace, Child &Youth Care and Disability & Community Support programs.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Readiness Assessment (AMERA)

Post-application Testing

A number of RRC programs will ask you to take a test after you have submitted your application. You will be contacted with test dates from Enrolment Services.

Plan to arrive for testing on the date provided at the specified time.

If you have further questions, please contact Assessment Services by email or phone 204.632.2458.

2. What if I don’t live in Winnipeg?

Applicants who live within 100 kilometers of Winnipeg are expected to take their assessment at Red River College in Winnipeg. If any special circumstances prevent you from making your appointment in Winnipeg, then please call Assessment Services at 204.632.2458 or email for assistance.

3. How much does the testing cost?

A $46 non-refundable assessment fee must be paid prior to writing your entrance test for RRC programs. Fees are payable in cash, cheque, money order, debit card, or credit card. Please write cheques payable to “Red River College”. Please complete an Assessment Fee Payment Form and submit it along with your payment at Student Services, Room D101, Building D, Notre Dame Campus, 2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bring your receipt to give to the examiner on the day of your test.

4. How do I find the testing room?

Testing occurs at the 2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Building D, Room D202 unless your letter indicates otherwise. Take a look at RRC’s campus map.

If You Are Driving
Take entrance #3 off Notre Dame Avenue and report to the commissioner to learn where to park your car. As you drive in, look towards the left to locate Building D, which is a long, 3-story, white building. Take the side entrance and go to the second floor Room D202.

*Note that parking costs $1.50/hour and the pay stations accept exact coin (loonies, toonies, quarters), Visa and MasterCard.

Please be prepared to pay accordingly. Parking is free on Saturday.

If You Are Taking the Bus
The bus will bring you directly to the front of Red River College. When you exit the bus, go to Building D, which is a long, 3-story, white building towards the left. Take the side entrance and go to the second floor Room D202.

5. How do I check in for testing?

Testing occurs in room D202 unless your letter indicated otherwise. Please note the following:

  • Arrive early for your testing in order to obtain seating.
  • Give yourself time to find the building and the room.
  • If the College sent you a letter inviting you for the testing session, bring it with you.
  • Make sure you have your student number.
  • You may bring a beverage, but please do not eat while taking the test to prevent distracting others.
  • Children cannot be accommodated in the test room. Please make necessary baby-sitting arrangements.
  • Dictionaries, study materials, calculators or other study aids may not be used.
  • RRC is a fragrance-free environment.
  • Please bring a valid form of photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, Red River Student Card) on the day of your testing.

6. How long does testing take?

Test sessions vary depending on which assessment you take, although most take a half-day. Therefore, plan to spend a full morning or a full afternoon for testing.

7. What is the pass mark for testing?

Pass marks are established by the academic department for a particular program, and therefore vary according to the program. If you are taking multiple tests (i.e., math and reading), then it is important to score at the required level on each test. For some programs, the test results are only one factor considered among several factors (i.e., work experience, high school grades, etc.), and thus poor test results may not necessarily eliminate you from such programs.

8. How do I get my results?

For most programs, you will receive a letter from your Admissions Officer indicating whether you have been accepted into the program. After you receive this letter, you have the option of contacting Assessment Services at 204.632.2458 if you are interested in details regarding your specific test results.

Special Admission testing: you will be informed of your test results immediately after you take your tests. However, the official decision about whether you have been accepted into your program will be communicated to you from your Admissions Officer within 2 weeks of your test date or as soon as possible.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Nursing, Health Care Aide, Library and Information Technology, Allied Health Sciences: your assessment results will be emailed to you by Assessment Services within one week of your test date.

Community Service Programs: your assessment results will be emailed to you by Assessment Services within two weeks of your test date.

9. Is there an opportunity to re-write an assessment if I am unsuccessful in my first writing?

The Assessment Services Rewrite Policy is:

  • If an applicant is unsuccessful in their first attempt, but they are within a reasonable range of passing the assessment, a second attempt is offered within 30 days. If they are not successful on their second attempt, that a rewrite is possible after four months and the study of appropriate materials is encouraged.
  • If the applicant is unsuccessful in their first attempt, but their scores are too low, a rewrite is possible after four months and the study of appropriate materials is encouraged. A second rewrite in this situation is possible after a further four months of study.
  • A maximum of two rewrites is allowed.

10. Can I get accommodations (or adaptations) for Admission Testing?

Red River College is committed to providing student with disabilities equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and ability. Students with diagnosed disabilities can receive accommodations (referred to as “adaptations” in high school) for admissions testing. Prior to booking your admission test, if you wish to request accommodations, you must first book an appointment with Accessibility Services to determine your eligibility. To book an appointment, complete this form. In this appointment you are required to provide adequate documentation verifying your disability. For documentation guidelines see the disability documentation guide. Together with your counsellor, an accommodation plan for your admission test will be made. Information about accommodations for a future program can also be explored.