The Exam Invigilation Centre at Red River College provides a professional and academically-secure testing environment for both Red River College and external students.

The Centre is a quiet and secure classroom. The room can accommodate 26 students at one sitting; this includes ten computer stations for online exams.

Please select the type of student you are to schedule an exam:

Exam Invigilation Centre Rules

  • Photo ID is mandatory. Students will not be allowed to write without proper photo identification. Photo ID must match your registered name and must be government issued (such as a driver’s license or passport); a valid student ID card is also acceptable.
  • All personal belongings must be placed in the shelving units off to the side, away from the writing area; this includes books, bags, purses, wallets, coats, hats, cell phones, smart watches or any Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • All cell phones and pagers must be turned off; not set to vibrate.
  • No food or drink (with the exception of bottled water) allowed in the Exam Centre.
  • All tests/exams are considered closed book, unless otherwise specified.
  • Students must supply their own pens, pencils and calculators (if required/allowed).
  • Students may not use their own scrap paper; scrap paper will be provided to you.
  • All exam materials, including scrap paper, must be turned in to the exam invigilator.
  • Exam invigilator cannot assist in clarifying exam questions.
  • The Exam Centre is a scent-free environment. Staff and visitors are asked to refrain from using scented products while on campus.