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The Testing and Assessment Centre at Red River College Polytechnic provides a professional and academically-secure testing environment for both Red River College Polytechnic and external students.

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RRC Polytech Online Education Students

To ensure the integrity of the examinations and our student’s success, the School of Continuing Education is responsible for setting individual guidelines on assessments. The guidelines for each course balance many factors including content, type of assessment, overall value of the assessment and resource availability. Because of this, exam taking processes may vary by course, instructor and/or term.

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RRC Polytech In-Class Students

RRC Polytech recognizes that students may have to reschedule their exams due to extenuating circumstances, such as illness, family illness, hospitalization, scheduling conflicts (holidays, work related), etc. Students must have valid reasons to support requests for this accommodation and to write their exam at a different time.

Students should also review the Academic Integrity Policy.

Note: This is only for Red River College Polytechnic students writing outside of class time, not for RRC Polytech Online Education students.

RRC Polytech In-Class Exams

Non-RRC Polytech Students (External Students)

The RRC Polytech Testing and Assessment Centre can accommodate both paper-based and computer/online/web-based exams for students studying at businesses or educational institutions other than Red River College Polytechnic.

Note: This form should only be filled out by students taking courses at other educational institutions and/or business organizations, not by RRC Polytech students.

Non-RRC Polytech Student Exams

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