Exam Accommodations for Online Course Delivery

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Red River College has switched to online course delivery, eliminating on campus activities until September, including in-class course delivery and in-person exams. As a result, Exam Accommodations is not invigilating any exams in person at this time.

Accessibility Services is committed to providing academic accommodations, including exam accommodations, to students during this period of online course delivery. The implementation of exam accommodations will, however, look a little bit different for online testing compared to what students are used to. Students are now responsible for some accommodations, such as a creating a reduced distraction test environment and access to ergonomic furniture. Some students may or may not have access to these resources at home, which may or may not interfere with their ability to complete course requirements.

It is important to note that removing all access barriers for online course delivery may not be possible, even with accommodations. If a student believes they cannot complete course requirements because of accessibility reasons, the student is encouraged to contact both their instructor and their Accessibility Services counsellor to determine if additional academic adjustments are possible.

Exam Accommodations for Alternate (Online) Delivery Methods Definitions and Responsibilities

Instructors and students are encouraged to contact Exam Accommodations staff, via email, with any exam accommodations related questions:

NDC and Regional Campuses: examaccommodationsNDC@rrc.ca

EDC Campus: examaccommodationsEDC@rrc.ca

Exam Accommodations – Student FAQ

We encourage students to continually monitor their college email for updates, and regularly check RRC Student News and the RRC COVID-19 webpage for up-to-date information.

Additional Information for Instructors Regarding Exam Accommodations

Additional Resources for Students and Instructors