MotiveLab™ is a living response to Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturing sector, which expressed a desire for a combination All Weather Climatic Chamber and Chassis Dynamometer test facility that could cater to vehicles of all sizes spanning many different vehicle markets.

The 3,000-square foot research facility at Red River College is focused on supporting Manitoba’s heavy vehicle sector.

The facility is scheduled to open in the summer or fall of 2018.

What Can MotiveLab Do?

  • MotiveLab™ will have the ability to test vehicles at temperature extremes throughout the year, while under full-load conditions.
  • The climatic chamber will have an operating temperature capability of between -40°C and +50°C (independent of outside ambient temperature).
  • MotiveLab™ will be capable of accommodating transit buses and highway coaches, as well as off-highway vehicles such as tractors and self-propelled harvesting equipment.
  • Vehicles can be tested on an integrated, adjustable, high-performance, three-axis 1,000 HP chassis dynamometer.
  • MotiveLab™ will be able to simulate various ground topologies, such as slopes.
  • The Chassis Dynamometer has the ability to regenerate the power it produces back into the overall chamber power load.
  • Additional research equipment/instrumentation includes portable emissions test equipment, data loggers, a biodiesel refinery, a 7.7KW Level 2 AC charging station, a 30KW DC quick charger, specialized battery testers, tools and protective equipment required for testing electric vehicle batteries.

Why CreateMotiveLab™?

  • MotiveLab™ addresses the sector’s lack of access to appropriate and/or comprehensive domestic test facilities, considerable pressure from regulatory bodies for emissions control and fuel efficiencies, and the availability of highly qualified and skilled personnel for the workforce.
  • MotiveLab™ will be the cornerstone of Red River College’s new Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre.
  • Once fully operational,MotiveLab™ will represent a capital investment of $10 million.
  • MotiveLab™ will be a unique facility for Western Canada, capable of supporting on- and off-highway heavy vehicle testing and development requirements for the region.

MotiveLab Fact Sheet (PDF)


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