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Research Partnerships & Innovation

Did You Know? We’ve Used Bio-Fuel to Reduce College Waste

March 20, 2018

With the April 4 College Applied Research Development Fund (CARD) application deadline fast approaching, here is the third installment of our “Did You Know” series to highlight some of the projects made possible with CARD support.
Mike Myrowich initiated a CARD-funded bio-fuel project in 2010 for the purpose of reducing waste produced by the College.
The project converted hundreds of litres of cooking oil into a useable fuel source regularly.
In addition to the fuel it provided, the production equipment was used as a teaching aid for students interested in the production and benefits of bio-fuel.
This initiative is currently on hold, but may be reinitiated.
Check out a slideshow that Myrowich presented on the topic HERE.
CARD is a College-wide program administered by the Research Partnerships & Innovation office.
To learn more about how you can apply for CARD support:
Please note that the deadline for applications is Wednesday, April 4, 2018.
For questions, please e-mail