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Research Partnerships & Innovation

Student Showcase Project Listings

April 2, 2017

Open to the public!
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
Location: Building C hallway outside the library, Notre Dame Campus. Map here.
Upward of 28 applied student research projects will be on display during the Applied Research & Innovation showcase.
Judges will be reviewing all of these projects, and the top 4 will be competing to win over $3,000 in cash prizes during the Quick Pitch Competition.
Here are the listings of student project that will be on display this Thursday:

Mortgage Bidder – Mortgage Calculating App
Mohamed Ibshara, Cristopher Carandang
Students are working on an online calculator system that allows for live rate comparisons to help assessing mortgages.
SkillsBase – Content Management System
Braeden Derksen, Chenghui Li, Joshua Toews
Students are helping SkillsBase – a mobile app skills tracking and development startup – build a fully functional content management system website with secure online payment options.
Manitoba Genealogical Society – Data Recording App
Jade Buhler, Matthew Isliefson, Joshua Sadiua, Qichen Zhao
Students are working to develop an app that increases data recording functions for the Manitoba Genealogical Society, making it easier to record cemetery transcriptions and data.
Human Diversities Generate Innovations – Social Innovation Study
James Sun
This project looks at three socially innovative organizations internationally, from a shared workshop space for craftspeople in Portland to an organization called EduFocal, made to enrich the learning experience outside of the classroom.
Spence Neighbourhood Association – Data Collection App
Tyler Syrowitz, Tioluwani Irabor, Iseyas Gebremariam, Paul Kawchuk
This team is working on a fully developed application to increase efficiency of the Spence Neighbourhood Association’s data collection system while reducing administrative work – leaving more time for community action.
Shell Eco-marathon – Efficient Vehicle Design and Build Competition/Race
Bin Yang, Andres Osorio, Matthias Harder, Brad Thidrickson, Riley McLeod, Rae Tiroy, Eduard Soriano, Andrea Casanova, Renz Valdez
This student team is developing an electric vehicle prototype as part of the Shell Eco-Marathon, which challenges students across the globe to design, test and build the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible.
Mentorship in Nursing Education – Mentorship Test Study
Karen Calitis
This research team conducted a student mentorship program case study for Red River College’s Bachelor of Nursing program and found that mentorship is mutually beneficial for students and mentors.
JELD-WEN Windows & Doors – Product Placement Research
Fayth Thomas
JELD-WEN Windows & Doors noticed that they were misplacing and damaging patio door screens when they arrived from the supplier, so this team developed and tested a staging area for patio door screens, which led to a dramatic reduction in reorders of screens.
National Leasing – Social Innovation Case Study
Fatima Feliciano, Hong Ngoc Trinh, Patience Ajiamah, Selimat Oladimeji
Students worked with National Leasing on a three-phase project that engaged students in understanding the significance of social innovation in National Leasing’s success as the company actively engages with students and educational institutions.
RRC International Market Intelligence Group – Market Intelligence for Multiple Businesses
Cristhiane Mignot, David Schlaikjar, Danielle Edwards
International Business students are leveraging their language and analytical skills along with their cultural understanding of international markets to conduct primary and secondary research and analysis on behalf local businesses that are actively exploring new international markets.
Innovine – Policy Development System
Denis Nishida, Stephen Skobel, Michael Vasallo
Innovating within a large decentralized public organization can be difficult. This team is developing a website to steward ideas and innovations from all levels of an organization by utilizing a participatory online platform.
Manitoba Association of Food Banks – Data Management System
Nick Dilallo, Josh Pambrun, Rodelio Tagle
This team has created a web-based application to help automate and streamline the way that Manitoba food banks collect and track information.
Penguin & Stone – Online Vendor Management Tool
Aaron Friesen, Furqan Muhammad, Jade Carpenter-Buhler, Johnathan Oberton, Ravinder Veriah
This student team is developing a registration system that automates the way that vendors for Penguin & Stone – a wedding planning company – register online and manage products they wish to sell.
Bannitoba – Chickpea Bannock Innovation
Travis Leost, Danielle Hallson
This team created Bannitoba, a chickpea bannock meant to help northern communities overcome the problem of accessing readily available healthy foods – it’s both affordable and nutritional.
The Midewiwin Lodge – Indigenous-led Cultural Tourism
Dinae Robinson, Fatima Feliciano, Hong Ngoc Trinh, Oladimeji Selimat, Patience Ajiamah
The goal of this project is to empower young Indigenous people of Canadian reserve communities to share their heritage with others through sustainable cultural tourism.
Eventifier – Event Tracking App
Hasanpreet Singh, Aayush Manchanda, Yuvraj Singh Basra
This project aims to develop an app to resolve the problem/challenge of keeping track of upcoming student events via multiple communication channels.
Investigation of Innovative Fusion Welding Technology for Aerospace Components
Renz Valdez
The objective of this project is to evaluate innovative fusion welding technologies in the repair and joining of aluminum and magnesium alloys for aerospace applications.
Dust Stop Municipal Blend – Product Innovation
Teaghan Wellman, John Palson
This student helped develop Dust Stop Municipal Blend for Cypher Environmental; this environmentally friendly and economical solution helps address the problems created by the dust from vehicles driving on unpaved roads.
International Business Models – Business Comparisons
Peilin Yang
This project explores advanced and innovative business ideas from different countries and aims to see how they can be applied to the Canadian context.
The Winnipeg App – Municipal Services App
Amari Len, Brett Cann, Christian Isip
This team worked with Consultica Software Services with direct input from the City of Winnipeg to prototype a user-friendly mobile app that helps to connect citizens to all of the City’s essential services.
Break Room – New Business Proposal
Braiden Bousquet, Jennifer Friesen
The Break Room is a recreational business proposal, new to the Winnipeg market, providing a service where clients can come in and relieve their stress by smashing and breaking items in a session room while blasting music.
Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race – Engineering Competition
Allison Enns
This project represents Red River College’s entry into the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, an annual national engineering competition hosted by a different Canadian university each winter. The team won best steering design.
Community Development Through Tourism – Applied Case Study
Lemuel Linag, Randi Spence
This project aims to create a ‘community development planning guide’ through the exploration of how small scale tourism development has positively contributed to economic development at case-study locations in Mexico.
Salonline – New Business Startup
Jeric Sy, Tyler Augustine, Cassandra Costantino, Cooper Croft, Stephanie Cruz, John Dryden, Janet Farrell, Margaret Flett, Garth Irwin, Lakhwinder Sidhu, Giulio Singh, Janice Singh, Valerie Woodhall
This business startup’s easy-to-use smartphone app and website will cater to businesses who offer various salon services, as well as their customers; it offers an easy new method of booking and organizing appointments.
Health is Wealth – Social Innovation Business Proposal
Lydia McDonald-Feurtado, Anne Onota, Mini Thiara, Lyra Bhutani
This team is proposing an application that brings restaurants and consumers together to substantially reduce waste and provide quality meals at low cost.
Interactive LED Display – Product Development
Michael Ness, Colby Bromley
The challenge was to create an interactive LED display that could be easily controlled by anyone. The solution was to develop a new system that allowed users to display images and animations that can be controlled by any web-enabled device over Wi-Fi.
Best Practices in Social Innovation – International Comparison
Sam Gomez, Brent Richardson, Amanjot Aulakh, Hamreet Singh
This team looks at socially innovative solutions to global problems, from water sanitation systems to using plastic waste to make low-cost homes.
Sensor Installations for Insulation Testing – Applied Engineering Study
Eric Groot, Colby Bromley
This team is working on sensor installations at the College’s Skilled Trades and Technology Centre to measure different variables related to heat and moisture. The goal is to able to monitor how much a material resists heat flow (insulates).