Congratulations on choosing Red River College!

We are excited that you have made the first important step in your academic career and have submitted an application to a Red River College program! At Red River College, we take pride in our students’ achievements because they’re the reason we are here!

Getting started on your future can be exciting, but it’s also a very busy time and you may feel overwhelmed.

Here’s our checklist of things to remember before you begin your studies at Red River College! Click on each item to learn important and helpful information.

1. Know your online application account username and password

You set up your online application account username and password during the RRC application process.

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by going to the reset password​ page.

If you have forgotten your username or are locked out of your account, please contact our Student Service Centre.

2. Submit required documents

Make sure your email and mailing addresses are always current. The admission letters you receive will contain important information outlining all the necessary actions you must take before you will be issued a letter of offer.

Be sure to submit any information or payment requested within the required timelines. Depending on the program you have applied for, there may be several steps in the application process. Your Admissions Officer is working hard to ensure you have all the information you need to stay up-to-date. If the timelines are not met, this could result in the cancellation of your application with no refund of the application fee.

3. Pay your deposit

Payment of the non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your attendance in the program. You must pay the deposit by the specific date outlined on your letter. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your application.

Your Admissions Officer will send you either a Conditional Letter of Offer or a Letter of Offer.

Conditional Offer Letter: a conditional offer letter means that there are still admission requirements that must be met within a stated timeframe and you must meet the conditions in the letter in order to move to the next step. Be sure to submit all required documents and pay the deposit within the timelines provided. Failure to meet these timelines will cancel your application.

Offer Letter: you have met the admission requirements and payment of the deposit is to confirm your attendance in the program. You must pay the deposit by the specific date, failure to do so will cancel your application.

4. Know your RRC user account and email

College Web Account: As a Red River College student, you are provided with an RRC User Account. With this User Account, you have 24-hour access to all RRC online and network resources including your HUB, and your Student Email account.

HUB: HUB is home to all of RRC’s online apps and your personal information. Log into HUB by entering your RRC username and password. On HUB, you can:

  • Access your financial information and pay your fees
  • See your academic information, such as classes, timetables and grades
  • Access personal information including your student email and tax receipts
  • Access WebAdvisor
  • File a Case Log for technical support
  • Rent a locker online
  • Change your parking information
  • Sign up for emergency text alerts
  • Check out the latest job openings on JobCentral.

Student Email: Office 365 Student Email is the official method of electronic information between the College and student. It is your responsibility to check your student email account on a regular basis.

Your College email address is your username followed by (e.g.

Mail Server Settings: When configuring your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), you will need to enter in as your mail server.

See the student email FAQ →

5. Financing your education

Program fees and Students’ Association fees are payable on or before the academic term start date.

Sponsored Students: If your program or student fees are billed to a third party, you must submit and complete a Sponsorship Authorization Form.

Manitoba Student Aid: You can learn more about student financial assistance and apply online at With the interactive online application, you will receive an estimate within two weeks of submitting your application. You can follow the progress of your application online by logging in to your online account. Manitoba Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are interest-free and payment-free while you are in full-time studies.

Please note: RRC requests your fee payments directly from Manitoba Student Aid, however you are still responsible for ensuring the government student loan process is completed and that the College receives your program fees. If you have not received your student loan by the start date, you must contact one of the Student Service Centres to discuss payment arrangements to avoid being charged a late fee.

Employment and Training Services Manitoba-Assisted Students: You are responsible for paying your portion of program and student fees by the payment due date. Employment Manitoba will send their portion of the program and student fees directly to the College.

If the College does not receive the Employment and Training Services Manitoba approval form by the program start date, you are responsible for the entire payment.

Awards and Financial Aid: RRC’s Student Awards and Financial Aid Office provides a number of support services for Red River College students, including information on financial assistance programs available to Manitoba students.

See the complete list of awards, bursaries, and scholarships or download the application form.

For more information about Red River College’s awards, bursaries and scholarships, contact a Student Service Centre or email

Learn more about awards and payment options

6. Avoid lineups on campus

Although you will not need to pay your tuition and fees or buy books until your first day of classes, you can save a lot of time doing as much as you can before your program starts.

Buy Your Textbooks: Booklists will be available online approximately three weeks prior to course start date.

Get Your Photo ID Card: Photo ID cards are available at Student Service Centres. You can get your ID card once you have paid your program deposit. ID cards are required for identification purposes, accessing College services such as gymnasiums or computer labs, borrowing materials, and writing exams. Full-time students have the fee for their first card included in their Student Service Fees. If your card is lost or stolen, you will have to purchase a replacement card by visiting one of the Student Service Centres.

Pay Your Tuition and Fees Online: Quickly and easily pay through your RRC HUB – Student Finance using Visa or MasterCard,. If you do not remember your user ID or password, visit RRC HUB.

Rent a Locker: You can rent your locker online through RRC HUB.

7. Registration letter / important first day information

Your class schedule will be available on your HUB. Your first day of classes will be orientation.

Registration Letter – You are admitted into your program and a start date is provided. You are now registered for your first term classes.

Orientation: RRC is excited to welcome you to your first day of classes at RRC! Orientation will be provided by your department. The date, time, and location of your orientation is found on your registration letter. During orientation, you will meet your instructors, get to know other students, learn about supports and student services, understand program expectations, and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings.

8. Student parking, bus passes and peggo

Red River College’s Parking Services manages student parking lots at the Notre Dame Campus, Portage Campus and Stevenson Campus. Various parkades and parking lots are available for the Exchange District Campus.

Student parking: Students requiring parking at the Notre Dame Campus between 7:00am and midnight Monday to Thursday and 7:00am and 5:00pm Fridays must purchase a parking permit from the Student Service Centre. Student parking is sold on a first-come, first-served basis and can be purchased monthly or for multiple months at a time.

Student Parking Pre-Sale: To avoid line-ups you should secure parking prior to the start of classes. Applications will be accepted beginning June 19, 2017 and must be postmarked, faxed or dropped off no later than August 18, 2017. Students with program start dates after September 29, 2017 may purchase parking during the pre-sale period. However, the effective date is the date of purchase.

Access to the student parking application is made available online around the third week of June until approximately mid-August.

Learn more about parking services →

Bus passes and peggo: The reloadable electronic peggo card can be purchased for $5, either online, in person at The Ox (NDC, Building D, Mall Level), or The Mercantile (EDC, William Street Building), or by calling 311. Monthly bus passes are still currently available. Passes are usually available about 1-2 weeks prior to the next month.

Learn more about peggo →

9. Health and dental opt-out

You may be eligible to opt out of the RRC Students’ Association Health and Dental plan if confirmation of alternate coverage and completed opt-out waiver form is submitted to the RRCSA Student Benefits Plan Office within 30 calendar days after the start date of the program. For further coverage information or a copy of the opt-out waiver forms, please visit My Student Plan.

10. Student supports and services

Red River College is committed to your academic and personal success. We provide valuable support services to assist you in working through concerns that might affect your studies at the College. Take a few minutes to click on the links and get familiar with the services that are offered to help you find success at Red River College.

Academic Success Centre: The Academic Success Centre offers a variety of free services to help students study new material, prepare for tests, and get assignments done correctly and on time.

Accessibility Services: Red River College is committed to providing persons with documented disabilities fair and equal access to educational programs, services, and facilities. Accessibility Services works collaboratively with students, faculty and support staff to identify and implement strategies to ensure that all students can have an equal opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

Advising Services: Whether you are new to Red River College or are a returning student, there are times when support and guidance are needed. RRC offers a broad range of advising services.

Transfer Credits and Recognition of Prior Learning: Red River College will evaluate and grant credit for qualifying previous formal, non-formal and informal learning that is equivalent to College courses or programs.

Do you have credits from another recognized post-secondary institution or a previous RRC program that you want to transfer? Download the transfer credit form and apply for credit.

Do you have learning from work or life that you think would qualify for RRC course credit? Find out more about our Recognition of Prior Learning.

Assessment Services: Assessment Services administers and creates diagnostic and entrance assessments to help students determine their overall academic readiness for their college program and desired career.

Campus Tours: Experience Red River College in the best way possible – sign up for a tour!

Counselling Services: Red River College offers counselling support to our students struggling with a variety of different challenges. Students frequently come to counselling to get help with personal/relational challenges, managing mental wellness, and to receive support through times of crisis.

Diversity and Intercultural Services: Diversity and Intercultural Services supports students with their integration to Canadian culture and development of intercultural competence, and provides educational opportunities to all students and employees to enhance their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity.

Indigenous Student Support: The Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations department offers a centre with many of the comforts of home to ensure your surroundings make you feel welcome.

Student Employment Services: Student Employment Services provides a full range of employment services and supports targeted at students, recent graduates and employers.

Finally, Review RRC’S Student Handbook

It is important to take the time to review your RRC’S Student Handbook. The handbook provides important information for you on student life, awards and financial aid, policies and procedures, and the variety of services that are available to you at no additional cost to you.

See the RRC Student Handbook