Aspiring Student

The aspiring student is someone who has a goal of attending post secondary education and might not be ready quite yet. If a student with desire and the minimum required pre-requisites enters a college program without fully understanding what college life is like in a city, or the time demands of academics, they may be set up to fail. Indigenous students often require transitional supports and services if they are relocating from rural, Inuit, Métis communities in the north or remote isolated communities.

Red River College is working to create a seamless flow of strategic supports that increases enrollment, reduce attrition and increase graduation rates for Indigenous students across the college through three strategic stages of student development and need:

  • SIE to work collaboratively with all of RRC Student Supports Services
  • Pre-arrival assessments to map out pathway to success
  • Develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive strategic outreach plan to increase student readiness and student enrollment
  • Increase external partnerships with clear engagement strategy
  • Create Aspiring Student Handbook
  • Student Readiness Checklists
  • Holistic self assessment tools focused on preparation for college
  • SIE Enrollment Coach will work in partnership with RRC Registration/Admissions, Enrollment Services, Assessment Services to bridge support and assist with on-boarding

This plan will expand supports and services with a far greater reach that will work strategically with Indigenous partners. Red River College Indigenous Education will be a conduit between Indigenous students and supports within and external to RRC.