What is Student Email (powered by Office 365)?

Student Email (powered by Office 365) is the College’s student email system. It is the official method of electronic communication between the College and students, including full‑time program and part‑time Continuing Education students at all RRC campuses (Winnipeg and Regional Campuses). Student email communication may include such things as registration and class start date information.

Student email is now mandatory for all students as the College strives to reduce the number of hardcopy (paper) items it mails to students. Regularly check your student email account for important and time‑sensitive College correspondence.

Mail Server Settings

When configuring your email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), you will need to enter outlook.office365.com as your mail server.

What features can I find in Student Email?

Student Email has a number of enhancements to meet your needs, which include the following:

  • Receive a 50 GB mailbox.
  • Send messages with a maximum size of 25 MB, whether you are adding one, or multiple, attachments.
  • View your emails and calendar items on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • Stay connected wherever you are by syncing emails, calendars, and contacts so your information is up to date, regardless of the device you are using.
  • Manage your calendar by sharing your available meeting times, scheduling meetings, and receiving reminders.
  • Share attachments from your computer or the cloud without leaving Outlook.
  • Consolidate emails from Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo so you can get all of your messages in one place and prioritize your inbox.
  • Achieve improved search results with built‑in search queries that suggest keywords as you type.
  • Enjoy an improved Mac calendar interface, which improves readability and manageability in side‑by‑side or overlay mode.

How do I access Student Email?

To access your Student Email, log on to HUB, and in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Student Email, and then enter your College user name and password.

How do I obtain a Student Email?

Full‑time students: The College will create a student email account for you when it registers you in your courses. Your student email information is included with your registration letter and statement.

Part‑time students: The College will create your student email account 24–48 hours after your course registration.

What is my Student Email address and name?

Your student email address is your College‑issued user name followed by @academic.rrc.ca email domain. Your student email address will look like, username@academic.rrc.ca.

Does my Student Email access expire?

The College will remove your student mailbox 180 days after the completion of your last course and delete all of its contents. If you return to the College, you will receive a new student mailbox. Ensure you save any important information and attachments to a USB flash drive, because they will not be accessible after 180 days.

NOTE: If you withdraw from a full‑time program or all of your part‑time courses, the College will immediately delete your student email account.

What if I am having trouble with my Student Email?

If you require assistance with your student email account, you can refer to the following pages or explore the Student Email topic on the ITS Help Resources webpage:

If you do not find the answer you are looking for in these self‑help resources, please submit a Case Log through HUB. Ensure you include the following information in your Case Log submission:

  • Type of mailbox: Student Email
  • Two contact methods: Home or cell phone number and a personal email address (in the event that your College email address is not working).

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