1. Click the arrow beside the New button at the top of your inbox, and then choose Email Message from the drop‑down menu.
    new email message
  2. In the new message window, type the recipient’s name or email address into the To field.
    • If the recipient is in your contacts, Outlook will auto‑fill the complete name or email address.
    • If the recipient is not in your contacts, click the Search Directory field when it appears. If you do not find the person in the directory, verify that the spelling or email address that you entered is correct.
      name or email address
  3. To view more email options, click the More actions button at the top of the new email window, or click the More arrow at the bottom (refer to images below). Both buttons open the same options menu.
    ellipsis further options

    arrow further options

  4. Click Show message options.
    show message options
  5. On the Message options menu, select the urgency in the Sensitivity drop‑down menu, and select the delivery receipt or read receipt check boxes if necessary.
    read and delivery receipts
  6. When done, click the Send button at the top or bottom of the new email window.
    click send

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