Add a contact

  1. To add a contact to your email, click the People icon on the left‑hand pane.
    click the people icon
  2. Click New contact at the top.
    click the new contact button
    NOTE: Click the drop down to choose New contact or New contact list.
  3. The Add contact window will open.
    add contact submenu
  4. Click the + Add more button at the bottom right-hand side.
    click + Add More

    NOTE: Every time you select one option, it will open the Add contact window, showing those additions. Repeat this process as needed.
  5. Select the particular information you would like for this new contact.
    select the add more options

    Some options have further selections when you hover over them.
    further options

  6. Complete the appropriate fields you have added, and then click Create.
    complete the contact information and click create

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