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Say YES to Everything

October 16, 2014

keep_calm_and_say_yes__by_pikachu1452-d5bpojsWhat a bizarre statement. How can I possibly say YES to everything? I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “Be more positive!” “Fake it till you make it!” ”Law of attraction.”. Maybe that works for the short-term but why do I keep going back to the same old self that I’m trying to get past being? It seems that through all of my greatest efforts I seem to keep being snagged up with obstacles. I can’t seem to escape the pit of my own self-suffering and putting myself down, or being let down even when I am trying everything to be my best self.

These are things I am going to be talking about in my next workshop being held at the Red River College Notre Dame Campus. If it seems like you are stuck in a rut, you’ve tried everything to get yourself on the “right” track, or you’re even a bit curious where this talk could lead you, you should say YES and come be a part.

This workshop will help explain the reality of saying YES. It will help give you a better understanding as to why you think you are not making it. It is our thoughts that limit us and make us see things as good or bad, not reality. When you experience “true presence” you will no longer separate these things but see them as they are. We often trick ourselves and allow our minds to take control of our present reality, feeling like we have no choice anymore but to just go through the motions. The catch is seeing that this is real. We cannot unplug it. Our minds are often polluted with mostly poisonous thoughts and we keep taking it. When you’re in this state, you can’t tell the difference from a Monday or a Friday…… your mind has latched its tentacles onto this notion creating a perpetual downward spiral. What I will show you is not how to unplug it, but how to unplug from it. You will experience what it is to become an observer of your life, sitting presently in that moment.

You will be given a few tips to bring awareness to your daily life, and some exercises to take with you and try anywhere… because no one can stop you. This workshop won’t change your life; you changing will change your life. Once you experience that all negative things are in you and not in reality then you can move towards the light of YES. Bring yourself and a partner and leave you minds at home.

Workshop info:

  • What: Say YES to Everything
  • Where: Red River College Notre Dame Campus, 2055 Notre Dame Ave, Green Lecture Theatre
  • When: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
  • Time:12:00pm – 12:55pm