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What do Immunizations have to do with Spring House Projects?

April 24, 2014

100 years ago, infectious diseases were the leading cause of death worldwide. In Canada, infectious diseases now cause less than 5% of all deaths—thanks to immunization programs.

As spring is upon us – finally; it is timely to remember tetanus; children planting seedsan acute, often fatal,  bacterial infection.  Thankfully, again due to immunization, it is rare in Canada. Tetanus bacteria are present in soil and animal digestive systems; and cause disease when they enter through even a tiny cut or abrasion. Tetanus immunizations should be renewed every 10 years.

Other diseases like measles, chicken pox, polio, Hepatitis B and many others  are vaccine preventable. Even in Canada
though; people miss immunizations. One reason misses occur now is that disease is less common and people have forgotten about these diseases.  The Inside Minuteon Immunization shows current day, real life examples of well recognized complications of vaccine preventable illnesses.

ImmunizeCA appThe World Health Organization hopes their 2014  slogan, “Immunize for a healthy future: Know, Check, Protect” encourages you to check whether you and your family are up-to-date with the vaccines you need. The recent release of the new ImmunizeCA app will make that easier to do.

It is important that all of us get immunized. It is excellent assurance.


Submitted by Health Services