Instructor Term Start Checklist: Use this printable checklist to help ensure your LEARN course is ready to go for the start of the term.

Secure Quiz Settings for LEARN Checklist: Use this printable checklist to help ensure you have the settings you need applied to your LEARN quiz.


Introduction to LEARN

If you are new to LEARN, you may want to visit the Getting Started with LEARN guide.

Getting Ready to Develop Your Course

Getting a Development MASTER Course

A MASTER Course does not have students or a start and end date, making it the ideal place to build content and try out new ideas. Once the course is ready it can be copied into the delivery course. It’s not a good idea to edit your live courses heavily in case something goes wrong and you accidentally erase student data or important content. That’s why a MASTER course exists.

It can be useful to have a demo student to help you test things from a student’s perspective. More information on Demo Students can be found here.

To get a Development MASTER and/or a demo student please email LEARN Support.

Getting Your Courses into LEARN

Courses appear in LEARN when they have been flagged as a LEARN course in Colleague, the College’s Student Information System (SIS). If your course has the “D2L” flag applied it will appear in LEARN automatically. If you are listed as the course’s instructor, you will also be enrolled as an instructor automatically.

If you check your courses in LEARN and don’t see the course you expect to see, first check with your program’s coordinator and confirm that:

  1. The course has the “D2L” flag applied to it
  2. You are listed as the course’s instructor

If either of these things are not done, your program’s coordinator needs to contact Enrollment Services to have these changes made.

Changes will occur automatically when LEARN is synchronized with Colleague daily at 7am and noon.

Developing Your Course

How to Copy Components into a Course

You can easily copy course components from a Master, or any other course you are enrolled in as a Developer, into an empty course shell.

How to Add Course Content

Learn how to add course content to your LEARN shell.

Creating a Gradebook

The gradebook in LEARN is one of the most requested features from students. The gradebook is an easy way to manage student grades, as well as disseminate these grades to students. Your able to set your gradebook up to do a variety of automated tasks such as dropping a number of lowest scored items in a category, auto transferring of grades, etc.

For more information about the Gradebook, visit the Gradebook page.

Video 1 – Introduction to Gradebook

Video 2 – Gradebook Setup Wizard

Video 3 – Creating The Gradebook

Using The Classlist

The Classlist provides you and your students with a list of people currently enrolled in your course. The classlist also lets you view student progress. Groups can be created to organize students in your class and grant special access to course tools such as quizzes.

Visit the LEARN Support for Instructors page for even more LEARN tutorials.

To access the captioning for the above videos:

  • Move your mouse to the lower right side of the video window.
  • Click the menu item represented by three dashes
    Example Image of video options menu
  • If captions are available, click “Show Subtitles”
    Example of the Show Subtitles option on Sharestream video