What is Master/Sandbox/Live Course Shell?

What is MASTER course shell?

A course MASTER is the place you should develop and store your course content.  A course MASTER looks and behaves just like a normal course except there is no link to Colleague.  This means no automatic enrolments or end dates for the shell.

You should have 1 course MASTER for each course you are developing or maintaining.

A MASTER is important for a few reasons:

  • The MASTER isn’t linked to Colleague, so only you or those you invited in will have access.
  • The MASTER shell won’t ever expire or go away.
  • It allows you to do the work once, and then copy over with each new delivery.
  • You can develop ideas for future deliveries without effecting the current delivery.

How do I get One?

Please simply send an email request to LEARN Support listing the course codes and names for each MASTER you would like to have created.  Email here:  learn@rrc.ca

Copying Content from a Development MASTER

If you have developed content in a development MASTER you can easily copy it into your course shell for delivery.


Copying Content (written guidelines):

  1. Enter your Course
  2. Click “Edit Course” in the upper right hand corner

  3. Click “Import/Export/Copy Components
  4. Click “Search for Offering
  5. Enter the name of the MASTER and click search.
  6. Select the MASTER you would like to copy from
  7. Click “Add Selected
  8. Click “Copy All Components

Follow the prompts, and your content will have copied from the MASTER to the live course delivery.

What is Sandbox shell?

A sandbox is a personal practice course that you can use to experiment without any danger to the content of a live course. There are no real students enrolled in a sandbox, so you can try out the various features of LEARN before you use them with students. As an instructor you have access to many more tools in LEARN than a student does. To help you see LEARN as a student does, LEARN Support can enroll a “demo student” in the course that you can “impersonate”.

More information on Demo Students and the Gradebook can be found here.

To get a sandbox and/or a demo student please contact LEARN Support .

How do I get my courses into LEARN?

Courses appear in LEARN when they have been flagged as a LEARN course in Colleague, the College’s Student Information System (SIS). If your course is flagged as a LEARN course it will appear in LEARN automatically. If you are listed as the course’s instructor, you will also be enrolled as an instructor automatically.

If you check your courses in LEARN and don’t see the course you expect to see, first check with your program’s coordinator and confirm that:

  1. The course has the “D2L” flag applied to it
  2. You are listed as the course’s instructor

If either of these things are not done, your program’s coordinator needs to contact Enrollment Services to have these changes made.

LEARN is synchronized with Colleague daily at 7am and noon.