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Framework for Technologies in Educational Technology

November 14, 2015

I was just reading an article by Dr. George Siemens, an alum of RRC, and he lists five elements that he includes in a framework for educational technology. I think these are interesting to reflect on as we consider educational technology’s future at RRC.

  1. “Does the technology foster creativity and personal expression?
  2. Does the technology develop the learner and contribute to her formation as a person?
  3. Is the technology fun and engaging?
  4. Does the technology have the human teacher and/or peer learners at the centre?
  5. Does the technology consider the whole learner?”

Do we consider our learners to be parts of an educational machine, or are we empowering them in a human learning centered way? Is technology in education about people or about simply using technology? Should we, as George suggests, be working towards “creat[ing] tools, technologies, and pedagogies that enable creation, personal formation, engagement, fun, and joy”?