Paper Reduction

Paper is a resource that is consumed in huge quantities at the College. If you stacked up the 6,293,024 sheets of paper used by College staff and students for printing and photocopying in one year, the tower would be the fourth tallest structure in the world!

RRC Printing by the Numbers

The College has an unprecedented ability to track and report on the campus print environment via PaperCut, obtained through our Xerox contract. For students, the PaperCut widget tracks their print balance so they know when to load more money to their printing account. For staff and faculty, it tracks the cumulative costs of their printing and photocopying.

Did you know that PaperCut does more than track printing costs? PaperCut keeps track of a variety of printing data including how many pages you printed in colour, how many sheets of paper you have used, and even the environmental impacts of your printing. To get these details about your own printing you can log on to PaperCut (staff, students).

Paper Reduction at RRC

In 2016, the Print Optimization Working Group (POWG) was formed to create and implement goals to reduce paper consumption and optimize the print environment on campus. The group meets on a regular basis and is made up of representatives from ITS, Ancillary Services and Sustainability. Together they developed expectations to screen and select the new print provider, so that all new printing devices purchased by RRC took environmental considerations into account. Once the printing provider contract was awarded to Xerox, their representatives joined the POWG.

In 2017, the Resource Reduction Specialist position was created. The Resource Reduction Specialist works closely with the Print Optimization Working Group, providing leadership and helping to carry out initiatives to reduce paper consumption on campus.

Paper Reduction initiatives at RRC take many forms, from technology adoption, to print awareness tools: