Staff PaperCut

Red River College Polytechnic installs PaperCut print management software on all College‑issued laptop or desktop computers. The software enables College computers to print on network printers. PaperCut monitors all the print jobs from your computer and tracks the associated costs in order to allocate them to your department’s budget.

Once installed, the PaperCut Balance window will appear at the top right‑hand side of your desktop screen whenever you start your computer.
small PaperCut pop up window

Balance window information

  • The balance in brackets indicates the dollar value of the prints that you have made since you started using PaperCut.
    NOTE: There is no balance owing for staff, and your account balance will never run out. The dollar value displayed reflects only the cost of the prints that you have made.
  • Please visit for more information about the system.
  • Visit the PaperCut log on screen, enter your College user name and password, and then click Log in to begin using PaperCut.
  • log in to PaperCut

NOTE: Your user name will default in if you have previously logged in using your College credentials, and the PaperCut Summary page will open when you enter your College password.

Summary page

The Summary tab on the left‑hand pane shows the cost of the prints that you have made in the balance window (not the amount payable), the number of print jobs, pages printed, balance history, and environmental impact of your print jobs.summary page

Transaction History

The Transaction History tab on the left‑hand pane outlines the transaction date, total cost for each print job, updated balance, and transaction type, which includes the printer name, page total, grayscale or colour, and cost.
transaction history

Recent Print Jobs

The Recent Print Jobs tab on the left‑hand pane indicates the date, user name, printer location, pages (both colour and grayscale), cost, attributes, and status of the print job (whether it was printed or cancelled without a charge).
recent print jobs

Jobs Pending Release

The Jobs Pending Release tab on the left‑hand pane includes any print jobs that you have requested to print. You can release individual print jobs from this page or print several jobs and release them all at once. PaperCut auto refreshes every 60 seconds, which allows you to send the print job without having to log on at the Xerox printer since you have already verified your identity at your computer.
jobs pending release

NOTE: Add Credit is not required for Red River College Polytechnic staff and there is no need to add credit to your account.

Log out of PaperCut

To log out of PaperCut, click your user name at the top right‑hand corner, and click log out in the drop‑down menu.
log out by username

Install PaperCut on a personal device

To install PaperCut on a personal device, please see the Install PaperCut on your device webpage.

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