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Information Technology Solutions

Student PaperCut

RRC Polytech uses PaperCut print management software. This system tracks the print jobs associated with your individual account.

To install PaperCut on your personal device, open the Install PaperCut on your device or the Install PaperCut on your Mac webpage. Once installed, the PaperCut Balance window will appear at the top right‑hand side of your desktop screen whenever you start your computer.
small PaperCut pop up window

Balance window information

  • The balance in brackets indicates the dollar value of the prints that you have made since you started using PaperCut.
  • Please visit for more information about the system.
  • Visit the PaperCut log on screen, enter your College user name and password, and then click Log in to begin using PaperCut.

    NOTE: Your user name will default in if you have previously logged in using your College credentials, and the PaperCut Summary page will open when you enter your College password.

    papercut log on screen click log in

Transaction History

The Transaction History tab on the left‑hand pane shows all the changes related to the balance of your account. It shows the money you have added, removed, and spent. You also can use the filter link to select the specific date and time range you wish to review.

You can add credits to your student print account using the account pay stations available at NDC and EDC campuses, by logging on to your online PaperCut account, or by visiting either Campus Store location.
transaction history

Recent Print Jobs

The Recent Print Jobs tab on the left‑hand pane shows all the print jobs related to your account. It shows what you have printed, when you printed it, the printer your job was printed on, and how much it cost. You also can use the filter link to select the specific date and time range you wish to review.
recent print jobs

Add Credit

The Add Credit tab on the left‑hand pane allows you to add credit to your PaperCut account using Moneris. Select a dollar value in the Amount to add drop‑down menu, and then click Add Value.
add credit

On the Moneris Payment Details page, confirm the transaction amount, enter the cardholder name, card number and expiry date, and then click Process Transaction to complete your payment or Cancel Transaction to exit.
moneris add credit

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