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Recap of the Climate Strike

October 1, 2019

Millions of youth and adult supporters around the world took to the streets last week to raise awareness about climate change and the need for urgent action through the Global Climate Strike. Locally, over 10,000 people attended a General Strike for Climate Action at the Manitoba Legislative Building on Friday, September 27.

We know that the College community cares deeply about climate issues and that we play an important role in our community to bring a climate lens to everything we do. During the week, the College provided opportunities for those wishing to show their solidarity with the Global Climate Strike movement while on campus. We spoke with many students, staff and faculty who shared their concerns with us last week.  Below is a brief summary of some of the ways our College community got involved.

Green felt circle with a red bead pinned to a grey jacket in front of a blue background

Green felt circle pins show support for the climate strike. The red bead symbolized RRC.

Students, staff and faculty were invited to make and wear green circle pins to show their support for the Climate Strike. Pin-making events were scheduled at both NDC and EDC and staff and students were encouraged to request a pin-making kit for their areas if they were not able to attend one of the events. Requested kits made about 200 pins, while between EDC and NDC, approximately 175 people came out to make pins.

A special shout out to the Portage Campus where students, staff and faculty made and wore green ribbons to show their support for the climate strike. Students were also encouraged to write on the student lounge windows their thoughts on how they could support the action and what actions they could take to mitigate climate change.

In total, an estimated 400 pins and ribbons were made and worn by RRC students, staff and faculty.

On Friday, September 27th at noon, RRC students, staff and faculty gathered together at the Notre Dame Campus and the Roblin Centre to take a photo showing their solidarity with the climate strike.

See the photo gallery below for some photos from the week of Climate Strike activities at RRC.