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There’s a Buzzz at Red River College

July 3, 2016

Bee install 10

Chris from Beeproject Apiaries bringing the bees to their new summer home.

Bee install 8

Lindsay from Beeproject.

Bee install 4

Hives with a view.

You don’t get more local than honey made on your own roof. Red River College is excited to partner with Beeproject Apiaries on their Urban Pollination Project to bring honeybee hives to the college’s Paterson GlobalFoods Institute.

Last weekend, three hives were installed on the 4th floor patio of the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute. Red River College is excited to be part of a growing movement (see here and here) to increase urban beekeeping in Winnipeg’s downtown. The bee project is one way the college is extending its commitment to sustainability beyond the walls of our campus. Urban beekeeping is an important movement to promote biodiversity within cities and provide valuable educational and engagement opportunities for people to connect to nature and our food system.

Beeproject Apiaries will tend to the hives on a weekly basis throughout the summer months. At the end of the season, the College will receive the honey made in the hives which will be used in our Culinary program and will be available for purchase at college events in the Fall. There will be opportunities for students and staff to visit the hives throughout the summer. More information about hive visits will be made available through All Staff News and

These FAQs provide more info about the Bee Project. 

Stay tuned for upcoming details on this sweet project!