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2014 Sustainability Speaker Series: You voted – and here are your top 10!

February 3, 2014

blog photoThanks to our extraordinary respondents who completed our online survey and had their say in designing the 2014 Sustainability Speaker Series! Now in its second year, the series continues the dialogue on campus sustainability and educates Red River College students and staff on topics of interest.

This survey told us that you were interested or very interested in our proposed topics. You also gave us a few new ones to consider, such as:

  1. Is Building Z (HETC) achieving the energy savings anticipated?
  2. How can Winnipeg go off the grid and what are the sustainable energy options in Manitoba?
  3. What can staff do to help achieve RRC’s sustainability goals?
  4. The ins and outs of the recycling industry – what gets recycled and what doesn’t?
  5. Consumerism – the difference between needs and wants.

We take this feedback to heart and will continue to look for other ways to address your great topic suggestions. You also told us we were ” doing a great job” and that you’d be “happy with any of these topics”. Thank you.

Now for the results of your favorite topics. Because I’m a HUGE American Idol fan…..Please imagine yourself reciting this in Ryan Seacrest’s voice:

“And… Now… here are your TOP 10 picks for the upcoming Sustainability Series.”

So what’s in store for our 2014 Sustainability Speaker Series lineup? Well…in true American Idol fashion, “you will have to wait until next week when we unveil our top choices”.

But, hints are in the pictures…

For more information on the Speaker Series, or to suggest a topic, please contact Sue Hayduk.