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Social Innovation Micro-credentials

Red River College Polytechnic’s social innovation courses in the form of micro-credentials provide the knowledge and understanding to drive positive social change through community development and relationship-building.

Social innovation brings new perspectives to existing ways of decision-making in today’s world. In these micro-credential courses, you will discover the tremendous capacities of communities and individuals looking to initiate systems change.

Micro-Credentials Explained

Micro-credentials are shareable endorsements of knowledge, skills or competencies that are awarded as digital badges.

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RRC Polytech Micro-credential Courses

The following micro-credential courses are created and delivered by RRC Polytech.

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Indigenous Community Consultation and Engagement

These micro-credential courses are part of a training initiative to provide workers with new skills needed to support a clean economy. It is fully funded by Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) and the Government of Canada.

These tuition-free online courses focus on Indigenous community consultation and engagement, offering the preferred training of progressive organizations, governments, and professionals committed to Indigenous relationship-building and reconciliation.

Courses were developed by a collaborative team composed of members from RRC Polytech, community, industry sectors and Indigenous and non-Indigenous subject matter experts.

Courses at a Glance

Each online course provides 25 hours of instruction time and awards one credit hour and a digital badge upon completion.

Completing all three courses awards a fourth digital badge that demonstrates your competencies in Indigenous community consultation and engagement.

Benefits to Organizations and Governments

These courses help:

  • Streamline business with and in Indigenous communities.
  • Provide a competitive advantage.
  • Work and communicate effectively and respectfully with Indigenous communities.
  • Promote your organization as a leader in social innovation.

Benefits to Professionals

These courses allow you to:

  • Start a rewarding career in community development and social innovation.
  • Gain an opportunity for employment.
  • Build the necessary communications skills that are used in virtually all professions.
  • Fulfill your purpose.

Information Session

For additional information on the courses and answers to questions from others interested in registering for the courses, check out the information session recorded in September 2021.


These courses are offered tuition-free for a limited time.

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CourseDeliveryRegistration DeadlineAction
Engagement and Relationship-Building with Indigenous Communities
RRC Polytech distance educationOnline
Indigenous and Canadian Government Relationships – Section 35
RRC Polytech distance educationOnline
The Consultation Process
RRC Polytech distance educationOnline

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Course Availability

Courses are offered on a rotating basis. If registration for your desired course is unavailable, sign up to be notified when registration reopens.