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Campus Living

Almost-stories and micro-morals

August 1, 2013

I would describe today as a very un-tweetworthy day. But a blogger am I, and blog must I, so I will share with yousome anecdotes from the past couple of days.

Yesterday, we were shooting a bit for Shaw, and a woman came into PGFI with a cat in her bag. Yes, that’s right. A cat in her bag, just hanging out. He looked quite content, and apparently he was purring. She disappeared before I could get a photo.

So, that happened.

Yesterday, Culinary Exchange was selling a variety of tempting side dishes and meals. The falafel was so delicious that I had to buy two. I also got some beets with goat cheese and caprese salad. And they were all so cheap!

Falafel from Cul Ex

So, that happened.

This afternoon, I moseyed on over to the Forks for a meeting. I got there early, so I decided to poke around the Forks Market.

Forks Market

I was very tempted by the comfortable-looking and gorgeous clothing: some local, some made abroad. There were knick-knacks galore, and there was even a glasswork studio. I caught a picture of an artist hard at work.

Glass work

So, that happened.

After the meeting (let’s skip the boring work stuff), I headed to my friend’s place on Simcoe. We were having a craft night, and our goal for the night was to rework old t-shirts. We’d gotten our hands on a book that had handy instructions for almost 100 projects that you could make with cotton t-shirts. I made this one out of a huge shirt that was originally like a sack on me.

My new old shirt

That happened, too.

I did learn a lesson today, despite the overall lack of excitement. There were a few setbacks, small ones, but for some reason they bothered me.

When I went by the kitchen downstairs for lunch, they were closed (I had just missed them). I was pretty grumpy about it, so I grumbled as I grabbed my fruit cup and coffee. But I had forgotten that I had food upstairs from yesterday – the beets and salad and falafel. That, plus a baked potato from Cul Ex, and I had a multitude of food options.

I ate my smorgasboard of food, and realized that I was so lucky to have these options available to me. Honestly, if I’d gotten a hot meal, I may have forgotten about these delicious items in my fridge.

It’s a good thing. I tend to forget things in my fridge.

But before I could eat, I knocked over my coffee mug – which spilled all over the kitchen floor. Thankfully, no electronics were in the vicinity (as they usually are), so the main concern was for the floor itself. Stomach growling, I soaked up the liquid with a heavy heart.

After 10 minutes of cleaning, I looked down at my floor and smiled. The surface was shining, like the day I’d first moved in.

So, I guess the lesson I learned was: when life gives you lemons, make it into lemonade, spill that lemonade on the floor, and see how much your floor will sparkle after you clean it up.