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Sweet beats

August 20, 2013

When you’re having a bad day, Cake-ology is perhaps the best place to turn.

When you enter, you’re presented with a beautiful scene: pretty, delicate sweets lined up pleasantly in the display case and bakers hard at work in the background.

Each item you purchase has a different way of making your day brighter.

For me, I prefer the cakettes. These little balls of deliciousness crumble in your mouth, but not in your hand, so they are perfect for a snack on the go.

cakettes and cookies

For those more ambitious, you can have at one of their cupcakes, which come in a variety of delectable flavors. Here, I even got a gluten-free one, which tasted just as good as the rest of them.


It’s impressive that Cake-ology serves gluten-free options – in a cake shop, it would require a great deal of diligence to ensure that no flour touches these treats. In my taster’s pack, I also received a gluten-free lemon bar, which was lemony and lovely.

Happiness restored, thanks to the sugar and smiles at Cake-ology!

The reason my smile had diminished somewhat over the weekend was because I finished my term at the GSJ Blog. I am officially done, but I got somewhat backlogged with work, which is why I am finishing the blog now.

Moving out from the downtown was a sad affair, and it came poorly timed, because MEME kicked off on my last day in the residence.

The Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition is this wicked weekend-long party. I don’t know how they manage to find locations to party at until 4 am, but this is what they do.

Their outdoor stage is always a pleasure to check out. This year, though, I got to go into their indoor venues, too.

Friday night, the “after-party” was at the WAG. Music and visuals started at 10 pm, but most people showed up after midnight, once the Cube was closed down. I particularly enjoyed music by The Librarian. She is possibly the coolest librarian ever.

There was a rooftop party, too, and with the weather being so cooperative, it was great to get fresh air while also listening to some beats.

Let’s not forget about the visuals. There was this glowing head….

The VJ screen in a zigzaggy shape….

modular screen

This modular screen can be taken apart and reoriented to make other shapes. The photo does not do it justice – it is very impressive looking.

And an interactive push screen made out of stretchy material.


Saturday, everyone headed to Pantages, which I considered to be a strange location. When I first arrived, there were so many people outside that I wondered how packed it could possibly be inside.

It became clear that many had gone outside to beat the heat. It was pretty cool in the main room, but down in the three other spaces, it became increasingly sweltering. But electronic music and great VJs hypnotized me, and soon I was swaying to the beat with all the other sweaty people.

LONGWALKSHORTDOCK was the highlight of my weekend (as you’ll see in this video I made below), and I actually stuck around until the end of the night (yes, 4 am) because it was such a good time.

I was stumbling distance from my old home at Red River’s residence, but I caught a ride back to St. Vital.

It was a bittersweet end to an awesome stay downtown – sweet, because of things like Cakeology and Cul Ex and Bodegoes and Cinematheque, but bitter, simply because it was over.