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A look back on the Greatest Summer Job

September 4, 2013

The Greatest Summer Job was, quite truly, the greatest. I had so many wonderful experiences over the past few weeks.

The highlights of my summer in residence:

  1. Photos by Tony Nardella. While I aimed to live like a typical student in residence, Tony’s offer was one I could not refuse. Normally, I am sure a shoot like this would have cost a few hundred dollars, but Tony was very generous and donated his time (and so did Berns and Black). Not only did I feel very pampered, but I now have these lovely photos to show everyone!
    smile arms crossed
  2. Meeting the CentreVenture people. I learned so much in a short amount of time as I walked with Loretta to and from our tour of a condo. It was a lovely way to get to know an organization.
  3. The trolley tour. I had lots of fun speaking with Chinese exchange students and learning more trivia about Winnipeg and the city’s history. I would recommend this activity to anyone.
  4. Discovering that people read the blog. Occasionally, I would run into someone who would recognize me and say, “I read your blog!” It was so great to read people’s responses in the comments, too. I am glad that there are so many eyes on RRC’s residence and on the Exchange.
  5. The magic of Folk Fest.
  6. Going to the beach! It was possibly the worst day to go to the beach – cold wind but hot sun was mostly confusing to the skin. However, spending time with some fellow residents made it a highlight of my summer. Fun fact: I was going through some emotional stuff that day, but these lovely folks helped me keep it together.
    Res students and RAs
  7. Finding out that baseball is not boring.
  8. Learning to talk to the media. Contrary to what one might assume, I am not a CreComm graduate. I studied Film at the University of Manitoba, and so, the world of press releases and interviews was rather new to me this summer. I got to experience being on live television and having a video made about the job (when usually I am on the other side of the camera). I would like to take a moment to thank Conor for guiding me through these activities, and to thank the journalists involved, who made everything very enjoyable.
  9. In general, living in the residence. Being so close to the heart of the Exchange District meant that I was spitting distance from all the action – instead of going to festivals and events, they came to me. I have to thank Chris for getting me in there and settled. You made this the Greatest Summer Job!

Thanks also to Christian for his support throughout the project! Also, thanks to everyone who got behind the project: Bodegoes, Smoke’s Poutinerie, Fox and Fiddle, Cake-ology, MEME, Red River College’s Bookstore, Bern’s and Black Salon, Tony Nardella Photography…. If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry.

And to those places I didn’t get to visit (namely, Pan Am Boxing), I am sorry I was too busy to get in there. I will probably take a class when life slows down (if it ever slows down).

I have been feeling quite sad to say goodbye to everyone in the building. The staff at CulEx and the security guards were my constant companions for a month and a half. I know I will be returning from time to time, just to say hi to Mo and Ali and Mary and the whole gang. I appreciate all that you guys did for me while I stayed in residence.

Some stats:

Number of weeks I stayed at the residence: 6.

Number of toilet paper rolls I went through: 8.

Number of times I had to eliminate a bad odour from my fridge: 1.

Number of times I injured myself: 2 (a burn and a twisted ankle).

Number of spam comments on the blog as of right now: 162.

Number of times I did laundry: 2 (it was a stretch sometimes).

Now you know!