Electrical Engineering Technology

Learn how to harness new technologies that power industry and essential services.

Prepare for employment as an engineering technologist in the electrical industry.

This program trains you for entry-level employment as an engineering technologist in the electrical industry, which provides a broad range of employment opportunities. You will develop the conceptual knowledge base and troubleshooting skills to prepare you for a range of roles that include design, installation, maintenance, production, and technical sales and support.

Topics in the program include:

  • Use and application of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), variable frequency motor drives (VFDs), soft starters, and data communication to link all of the preceding elements for the control of manufacturing systems
  • Planning, designing and specifications of power systems with motor protection for buildings and industrial plants. You will generate AutoCAD drawings, calculate short circuit currents, and coordinate fuses, circuit breakers and protective relays. Canadian Electrical Code instruction is delivered by journeyman electricians.
  • Hydroelectric power generation, transmission and distribution systems with a view to operation, control and protection
  • Assessment of power system harmonics concerns by measuring TDD and THD and offering solutions to improve performance

After you successfully complete this first common year, you’ll choose the specialization you wish to pursue in the second year from the following: Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology, or Instrumentation Engineering Technology. When necessary, students will be given priority selection of their second-year specialization based on their first year Grade Point Average (GPA).

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