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Geomatics Technology

Lead groundbreaking changes and initiate how we use, transform and maintain the land around us.

Combine your problem-solving skills with a in-depth knowledge of geomatics to help map, analyze and prepare geographical areas for development and use.

Geomatics Technology is a specialization program. Students interested in this program must apply to and complete the first common year of the Civil Engineering Technology program.

Geomatics is the collection, analysis, management and application of spatially referenced or geographical data. This data is essential in determining how humans interact with the land and impacts residential and commercial property development, road construction and maintenance, and the administration of public lands.

As a Geomatics Technology student, you will develop the in-depth knowledge and technical skills needed for a successful career as a geomatics engineering technologist. Through this program, you will gain practical experience using industry-standard survey equipment and mapping software and explore surveying techniques, geographic information systems, infrastructure design and digital photogrammetry.

As part of your RRC Polytech education, you will gain industry experience through co-op work. These co-op opportunities will help you build relevant work experience, integrate applied learning and create connections with industry partners and employers.

  • Program Type
  • Credential
  • Program Delivery
    In-person hybrid
  • In-person Location
    Notre Dame Campus
  • Intake
  • Program Length
    32 months
  • Total Tuition / Fees for Courses
    $19,500 – $21,600
  • How to Enrol
    Application required
  • Application Type
    Regular admission
  • Work-Integrated Learning
    Gain hands-on experience with real work opportunities
  • International Program
    Open to students from around the globe

Experience a Polytechnic Education

Full-time Delivery: Something New Every Term

After completing Civil Engineering Technology’s first year (Terms 1 to 3), you can choose to specialize in Geomatics Technology. Through this program, you will develop the versatile technical and professional skills needed for a successful career as a geomatics technologist.


Build your fundamental knowledge of geomatics, develop technical skills and learn to operate specialized equipment and software.


Complete a paid co-op placement focused on Geomatics Technology to further develop your work experience, meet potential employers and expand your network.


Further your knowledge of geomatics and learn to operate more advanced equipment and software. Explore applied research opportunities.

Employment Potential

Prepare yourself for career success

Potential Grad CAREERS

  • Land survey technologist
  • Survey plan examiner
  • Construction surveyor
  • Survey crew chief
  • Surveying and engineering sales
  • Project manager
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator
  • Municipal asset manager
  • Cadastral CAD specialist
  • Survey information specialist
  • Control survey specialist
  • Topographical mapping technologist
  • Remote sensing technologist
  • Cadastral mapping specialist


What to Expect in This Program

Get Prepared for the Future of Work

Excel with small class sizes, practical learning and experienced instructors, all focused on your success. With an employer-driven education, you won’t just be ready for a career – you’ll be prepared to stay in front of what’s ahead.

Become a vital part of any team by exploring various surveying methods and learning to communicate professionally with stakeholders and external parties.
Get practical experience with state-of-the-art levelling and surveying tools and prepare yourself for a career with employers across Canada.
Collaborate with passionate, industry-experienced instructors to innovate and solve real challenges in the field.
Learn software skills and industry best practices to efficiently process data, draft plans and start working from day one.
Study at RRC Polytech’s Notre Dame Campus.

Graduate Success

Geomatics Technology graduates are vital sources of knowledge, providing specialized surveying, mapping and remote sensing skills for many private companies and public agencies. Thanks to their RRC Polytech education, grads have the practical experience and depth of knowledge needed to succeed, lead and innovate in their field, wherever they go.

The statistics below represent the opinions and employment statuses of this program’s recent grads. They were retrieved from the 2019-2020 RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Report.


As a Geomatics Technology graduate, you are a crucial part of the residential and commercial construction industries and can enhance your employment potential by becoming a licensed professional land surveyor.


Our focus on experiential learning and co-op work opportunities ensures that you are career-ready and prepared to make a difference from day one. You’ll gain real work experience, connect with industry partners and meet potential employers – all before you graduate.


Prepare to join a dynamic industry and gain the employer-sought skills you need to become a vital asset in any organization. The technical, business and communication skills you develop at RRC Polytech allow you to excel, adapt and pursue fantastic opportunities in a variety of exciting fields.

“RRC Polytech was the best choice for me. I could get a feel for the work, and get my feet wet before making a commitment to move across the continent to attend the University of New Brunswick.”

Christian Korell – Owner and CEO
Barnes & Duncan Surveying, Engineering and Geomatics

“I think it was a great career path, taking geomatics. Now, I’m building roads, dams and many other things for the company. The work is fun. It was a great choice with many rewards.”

Gary Stelmack – Construction Surveyor
Sigfusson Northern Ltd

Who Should Enrol?

Turn your talents into academic success

As a Geomatics Technology student, you’re excited to solve problems by combining your critical-thinking skills with state-of-the-art technology. You have strong math, computer, note-taking and time-management skills. You are also highly organized, self-motivated and work well as part of a team, on-site or in the office.

Students that excel in this program often share these interests, skills and personality traits.


  • Critical thinker
  • Ethical
  • Logical thinker
  • Team-oriented
  • Technical thinker


  • Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Mathematics
  • Time management
  • Work ethic


  • Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Remote sensing
  • Math
  • Geographic information systems

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Plan out your preferred learning journey. Review a summary of this program’s courses to discover what you’ll learn and how an RRC Polytech education will help your career.


Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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