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Part 3 Complex Buildings – Space still open!

February 10, 2017

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Part 3 Complex Buildings

This course has been designed to enhance the knowledge of existing Code Practitioners and those practitioners who wish to improve their competence in the practice of interpretation and implementation of the principles of the National Building Code (NBC) with respect to Large (Vol. 2, Division B, Part 3) buildings. It is intended to help the participant understand the requirements of the NBC that apply to Part 3 Buildings with emphasis being placed on Complex Buildings which are defined in the NBC as:
1) Post disaster buildings, and
2) Buildings containing building systems, works, fixture and service systems to which Subsection 3.2.6 or Articles to apply.

This course will assist in learning how to find applicable NBC requirements and through the exercises contained herein will focus on creating understanding so that the participant may correctly interpret and apply the regulations.

Some areas covered by this course include:

  • Occupancy, Construction Types, Fire-Resistance ratings
  • Appendix D, Fire Performance Ratings, including Flame spread, Smoke development
  • Building Fire Safety
  • Safety within Floor Areas
  • Environmental Separation
  • Additional requirements for high buildings
  • Appendix B, Fire Safety in high Buildings
  • Mezzanines and interconnected floor spaces
  • Structural Design, HVAC, Plumbing
  • Safety Measures at Construction and Demolition Sites