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January 2017 Technology Solutions for the Workplace Courses

November 4, 2016

HOT 2000 Energy Modelling Software, CIVL – 1097

Are you thinking about using energy modelling for some of your new home designs?  Section 9.36 allows for the performance path to be used, however no new modelling software has been created so designers are having to rely on software like HOT 2000.

Building energy modelling is becoming increasingly common for new home construction and for designing upgrades to existing buildings. It can be used to establish compliance with new building code requirements or utility energy conservation programs, optimize house designs to achieve a desired level of performance, evaluate the benefits of competing energy efficiency measures and assist in the design of retrofit packages for existing houses. Perhaps most important, experience with energy modelling provides the user with a much better, quantitative understanding of how energy is actually used in a house.

This course is designed to introduce the basic principles of residential energy simulation modelling using HOT2000 – the most widely used program of its kind in Canada.

Date: January 9 & 10, 2017, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Course Cost: $600 +GST


Introduction to CANQUEST Modelling  CIVL-1081

Intro to Canquest continues knowledge gained in the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings Code Course with a focus on the Performance Path of the MECB 2013 and the energy simulation software that is generates the required reference building model. This “hands-on” 3 day course will walk participants through the complete energy model development process. The course begins with the use of wizards to quickly create building models and then moves into the detailed interface for detailed model development. Participants will learn how to use the software to generate the NECB 2011 reference building for performance path compliance.

Date: January 23-25, 2017, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Course Cost: $950 +GST


Advanced CANQUEST Modelling CIVL-1082

This course will build on the knowledge of CAN-QUEST modelling gained in the Introduction level and take participants into further examples of advanced modelling. The workshop will examine parametric runs, advanced envelope topics, advanced mechanical system modelling within CAN-QUEST and the use of user expressions and default expressions for efficient energy modelling. Users will have the opportunity to bring their own CAN-QUEST and eQUEST modelling questions.

**PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to CANQUEST Modelling

Date: January 26, 2017, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Course Cost: $300+GST


Intro to the Manitoba Building and Fire Codes (Division A and C)  CIVL – 1085

This course is designed for those individuals who either currently use the MBC or MFC in their day to day work, and especially for those individuals who are going to be using the Codes for the first time.

Most Code programs are delivered on the premise that candidates come with knowledge and skills on the entire Code. Divisions A and C provide the required structure for Code Officials to properly apply the Codes. This program will provide the participant specific instruction on what an inspector can and cannot enforce based on the application of the code and finally it will teach participants how to properly classify a building. This program is designed as a prelude to participants continuing with advanced Code courses.

February 6 & 7, 2017, 8am – 4pm

Cost: $665 +GST


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