What is Self Service

Self Service is a Mac application used to install Red River College printer software and server shortcuts.

Self Service can be installed and used off campus. A wireless connection will work with
Self Service, however, an ethernet connection is always recommended.

Some notes and tips on the Self Service installation before proceeding

  • To install Self Service you will need to right-click. To right-click on your trackpad: select the control key and tap/click your trackpad.
  • If you double-click QuickAdd.pkg instead of right-click you will see an unidentified developer notification. Select OK on this dialogue and instead right-click on the QuickAdd.pkg.

How to install Self Service

For this section you will refer to the email you received from Meagan Radford with the subject line: ACTION REQUIRED – Program software – [Graphic Design, Digital Media Design or Creative Communications]

  1. In a browser of your choice go to the bit.ly link provided in the above mentioned software email, under the heading: Mac Users Only – Self Service, Printing and Servers.
  2. When prompted, enter your college username (not email) and password, click Log in and then click the Download button on the following screen.
    Note: Your browser will continue to display “Install the downloaded QuickAdd.pkg” message with a spinning wheel even though the package has finished downloading.
  3. On your laptop, navigate to your downloads folder and find: QuickAdd.pkg.
  4. Right-click on QuickAdd.pkg and select Open and select Open again within the dialog box that appears.
  5. Proceed to follow the installation directions within the Install QuickAdd dialogue box. You will be prompted for your personal laptop credentials to complete the installation. Once the installation is complete Self Service will automatically open.
    Note: Self Service will install to your /Applications folder on your laptop.

How to install PaperCut/printers and server shortcuts using Self Service

If Self Service is not already open, navigate to your /Applications folder and open the
Self Service application.

  1. Log into Self Service using your college username (not email) and password.
  2. The first time you log into Self Service you will be asked to open System Preferences and approve Red River College’s MDM Profile.
    1. Select the Open System Preferences button and click the Approve… button
    2. Select Approve again from the dialogue that opens
    3. Close System Preferences
  3. You are now logged into Self Service. Select Install beneath PaperCut & Print Queues and RRC Server Shortcuts.
    Note: Installs can be clicked simultaneously and will execute in order.
  4. Once the installs are complete you will have:
    1. The application PCClient located in your /Applications folder
    2. The necessary college printers for your program. To view installed printers go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
    3. Three server shortcuts on your dock called: Stark, Lannister and Gromit.

How to install additional printers using Self Service

The initial installation of PaperCut & Print Queues contains all of the printers you will need for your first term of classes. However, you may want to install additional printers based on scheduling changes.

  1. If you require additional printers, return to Self Service by launching it from your /Applications folder and logging in with your college username and password.
  2. Select the Printer Scanner tab on the left side of the Self Service window to find all available college printers.

For instruction on how to use PaperCut for printing see the PaperCut [MAC] tutorial.

For instruction on how to use the college servers: Stark, Lannister and Gromit see the Servers [MAC] tutorial.

Troubleshooting Self Service

Credentials not accepted

  • If you are unable to log into Self Service because your credentials are not accepted you may be entering your username or password incorrectly.
    • Remember to enter your username, not your email address. Some usernames contain a number for example: jdoe or jdoe56.
    • If you cannot remember your password go to the HUB login page to reset it by selecting: Retrieve or claim your account.

Policies not visible in Self Service

  • If you log into Self Service and you do not see the policies: PaperCut & Print Queues orRRC Server Shortcuts, please contact Meagan.

Self Service installation fails

  • If the Self Service installation fails move the QuickAdd.pkg to the trash, restart your computer and follow the steps listed above in How to Install Self Service again to download and install. If the installation fails again on the 2nd attempt please contact Meagan.

If you have questions about this tutorial please contact Meagan Radford at mradford@rrc.ca or the help desk staff in W508 – located in William building in The Roblin Centre.