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3D Computer Graphics Demo Reel

August 30, 2017

Ever wonder who designs and builds the graphics for video games? Or have you thought about who creates the visual effects for movies? It could be you.
Above is a sample of some recent work from the 3DCG program. Students in that program first need to take the Digital Media Design program or something similar (which could include having a Graphic Design diploma and/or university Fine Arts or Architecture degrees).
The 3DCG program teaches advanced 3D graphics focusing on modeling lighting, rendering, compositing, animation and production management. The specific software that is taught includes Maya, Z-Brush, Unreal Engine, and After Effects. Graduates of the 3D Computer Graphics program may find employment in visual effects/film, video game development, 3D simulation and prototyping, medical imaging, and 3D simulation industries.

Sample 3DCG Student Demo Reels

June 25, 2017

Here are two terrific demo reels from recent 3DCG students. You can see how different each student’s reels can be.

Learn Compositing and Visual Effects for Film

June 18, 2015

Students had to use image-based lighting techniques to match the graphics and the video that was shot. These were rendered using Mental Ray and Maya, and composited in Fusion.

This composite shows what Winnipeg might look like if we had a subway or train system.

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Learn Character Animation

June 18, 2015

For this assignment, students had to film themselves for reference performing an action and then they used that reference to try to replicate their movements with 3D characters.