Areas and Facilities

Applied research at Red River College is driven by the needs of industry to solve problems and advance innovation. As those needs change, so do we. We are currently providing enhanced access to the best expertise, facilities and equipment we have to offer in the following areas:

Aerospace and Manufacturing

Red River College has a wealth of specialized equipment, facilities, and capabilities that cater to local and international manufacturing and aerospace industries through the Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing (TACAM).

TACAM Facilities

  • Centre for Aerospace Technology and Training (CATT)
  • Centre for Non-Destructive Inspection (CNDI)
  • Composites Model Factory
  • Model Factory Machine Shop
  • Smart Factory

Applied Business Research Initiative

Applied Business Research at Red River College aims to bring global knowledge, concepts and ideas to local businesses, communities and public organizations.

Culinary Research and Innovation

Red River College’s Culinary Research and Innovation helps Western Canada’s vibrant food industries bring new products and services to market by connecting them with research facilities and Culinary Arts staff, faculty and student expertise.


  • Culinary Research & Innovation Suite
  • Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

Digital Technology

Digital technology represents massive economic potential for Manitoba – both in the creation of new technologies and start-up businesses, and in the adoption of existing technologies to increase productivity across all industry sectors.

Health and Social Sciences

Research projects and initiatives to study health and social sciences, including the Science of Early Child Development is a dynamic online multimedia resource presenting some of the most recent and relevant research into early human development and population health.

The Community of Change project, in partnership with the Lord Selkirk Park Child Care Centre, studies the Abecedarian Approach — an evidence-based early childhood intervention intended to give vulnerable children a boost in their early development.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Red River College’s Building Efficiency Technology Access Centre (BETAC) connects major local, national and international partners with college researchers, students and facilities to shape the future of sustainable design in Manitoba and beyond.

BETAC Facilities

  • Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (CARSI)

Vehicle Technology

Red River College’s Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre (VTEC) connects national and international heavy vehicle manufacturers with college researchers, staff, students and facilities to find innovative approaches in vehicle performance and development.

VTEC Facilities

  • Vehicle Technology & Research Centre (VTRC)
  • MotiveLabTM