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Go Oil

May 11, 2018

Project Term: Winter 2018

Go-Oil Canada is a local, Winnipeg, start-up, providing oil changes, battery replacements, and vehicle servicing. Owner, John Sparrow, is no stranger to the ACE Project Space as this project is a second iteration through ACE Project Space.

For this term, students were tasked with creating a booking system where GoOil’s users could schedule and book appointments, prepay for services, access receipts, and aid in communicating with users. Previously, these were all tasks managed manually by John and his team.

Users visiting the site can indicate their vehicle model and year and receive an instant quote on the price of an oil change for their car. The users also had access online to view their account and history.

In addition to creating a booking system, they programmed automatic email confirmations to users along with automated reminders for service to clients. The web app was integrated to use Vonigo for scheduling and payment processing.

There was an additional opportunity for our students to collaborate with students from Creative Arts in developing the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Our students gain so much value from their interactions with students from other departments and really helped them to realize the unique value of UI/UX adds to technology projects. With that, thank you to the creative students who helped the team think about how the solution should work and being a voice for the end user.

December 2018 Update: We are pleased to let all of our visitors know that GoOil has continued to find success and have since started to franchise their company with the first franchise located in Kingston, Ontario with other franchise locations in the works.

Technologies used: CodeIgniter, jQuery, php, css, ajax, vonigo.

Go Oil Services Page

Go Oil Services Page

Go Oil Service Booking Page

Go Oil Scheduling Page

Go Oil Scheduling Page