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Food & Farm Discovery Centre

September 27, 2015

Food & Farm Discovery Centre

Screen capture of the Food & Farm Discovery Centre WebsiteTeam Members: Parminder Singh, Skye Valde (shared), Chris Xuan

Goal: Staff of the Farm & Food Discovery Centre (FFDC) will be able to easily create and maintain a wide variety of digital content (text, images, video, interactive augmented reality, virtual reality, simulations) that can be delivered via the Web (to any computer or mobile device) or on-site displays and installations.

Deliverables: Convert existing FFDC Mac Mini installations to less expensive single-board devices (e.g. Rasberry Pi) that can be networked and centrally/remotely configured and controlled; replicate existing Mac Mini functionality on the new devices; build a new FFDC Content Management System (CMS) that will centrally house supporting digital content; build a new FFDC Website; build a long-term relationship with a local digital service provider; secure long-term technical and systems support.

  • FFDC staff can easily enter, maintain, and publish digital content (both simple text and multimedia); easily manage FFDC on-site displays and installations; retain intellectual property over all FFDC content; easily publish digital content to the FFDC Website; access ongoing technical and systems support from a local provider.
  • Registered and non-registered visitors can view and/or interact with public content on the FFDC Website; view and/or interact with on-site FFDC displays and installations;
  • Registered users can view and/or interact with content (on the FFDC Website) tailored to their stored preferences and/or privileges, and/or captured data; maintain personal preferences; access otherwise protected information and functionality.