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Become a Photoshop Pro

October 10, 2013

Photoshop is more than just photography software. It is the most used and most flexible new media tool, used to create graphics for websites and apps, motion graphics and animation, print publications, video games, and film visual effects and matte paintings. Below are some excellent DMD student samples.
In the Photography class, students had to manipulate photos they had taken in order to build a creative self portrait. Check out these terrific results by (respectively) Alyssa Paskaruk, Wlad Riazanov, and Priscilla Hofer.

In first year Digital Media Design, students use Photoshop to design an intricate collage. Check out these outstanding examples by, respectively, Rob Huynh (first pair), Marcus Leite, and James Campbell.

DMD Student Photoshop Sample RRC
DMD Student Sample Photoshop RRC
DMD Student Sample Photoshop