Supports and Resources

There are many supports and resources available at Red River College Polytechnic, including those listed below. You can also check out supports and resources specific to crisis resources.

If you need help, please reach out.

Counselling Services

All students at all campus locations are welcome to access support from our professional and registered counsellors. Red River College Polytechnic counsellors can help you work through personal struggles, develop skills to manage better, and improve your wellbeing.

Learn more about this confidential service and book an appointment in-person or online.

BEACON Digital Therapy

BEACON is customized digital therapy, guided by a mental health professional. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, BEACON can empower you to deal with life’s challenges. With guidance from a registered therapist, you’ll develop strong coping skills and techniques. Now available for free for Red River College Polytechnic students, BEACON can help with mood, anxiety, attention, and insomnia.

Visit any of the following around campus and get started today:

  • Mental Health Coordinator
  • Counselling Services
  • Indigenous Student Support Wellness Counsellors
  • International Student Support Coordinators
  • Academic Success Coaches

Student Benefits

Students registered in the Health and Dental Plan have insurance coverage for counselling or therapy with a psychologist or social worker, as well as massage from a registered massage therapist.

Psychologists can help with a wide variety of mental health difficulties, including anxiety, panic, depression, and attention problems. You can find a psychologist here.

To speak to someone about your benefits or find forms, visit the RRCSA Student Benefits Plan Office.

Light Therapy

Due to our northern latitude, many Manitobans experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), while others experience a milder form of winter blues. SAD is a form of depression that occurs mostly during the fall and winter months, when days shorten and sunlight decreases. Light therapy, sitting near a specialized light each day, is one form of treatment.

This is why several campus libraries now have light therapy stations. Ask library staff to direct you to the light therapy options nearest you.

Healthy Minds Healthy College Library Collection

The RRC Polytech Library has curated a collection of books and other resources related to mental health and wellness. Explore the LibGuide to learn more.

MindWell U 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Paying attention to the here and now without judgment gives you a break from worrying about the past or the future. In this way, mindfulness is a skill that supports wellbeing, mental health, and career success. Learn more about the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, available all year round to all staff and students.

Behavioural Intervention Team

The Behavioural Intervention Team is a diverse team of trained professionals who meet regularly and are committed to promoting a safe and respectful work and learning environment at all campuses of Red River College Polytechnic.

Reflection Rooms

Sometimes we need a quiet place to mediate, pray, or simply be. For this purpose, we have reflection rooms. The Reflection Rooms are designed to be non-denominational spaces open to people of all religions, faiths, and/or spiritual practices.

They can also be used by students and staff who want a quiet space away from the busy campus.


  • Notre Dame Campus – Room A233
  • The Roblin Centre – Room P207

The spaces are open from 7am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.

For access after-hours, contact Security Services at either location and they will open up the space.

Athletics and Recreation Services

Staying active is important for having a healthy body and healthy mind. Access to the on-campus athletics and recreation facilities, including fitness classes, is free for all students and staff.

Athletic therapy, massage therapy and personal/group training are available for a modest fee.

Athletics and Recreation Services also lends bikes and provides a map of nearby walking and cycling routes. Find your favourite way to get active at school.

Support in the Community

Connect with self-help organizations. Canadian Mental Health Association is a great place to start.

If you experience difficulties with:

Breathing and relaxation techniques: