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When is a Flex Option change possible?

August 20, 2013

Have you experienced a Life Event?

When you elect a Health and Dental option, you are locked in at that level until the next re-enrolment period, which is every 2 years. However, if you experience a Life Event during a plan year that affects your coverage needs, you may make changes to your benefit options without waiting until the next re-enrolment period.

Any of the following is considered a Life Event:RRC Aug Blog Pic

  • acquiring any dependent (spouse or child)
  • acquiring a spouse if you have child coverage only
  • acquiring any child (birth, adoption or step-child) if you have spouse coverage only
  • involuntary loss of similar coverage through your spouse’s group benefit program (for example, because of a change in your spouse’s employment status)
  • death of a spouse or child
  • your spouse or a child ceasing to qualify for coverage (for example, through divorce or your child’s attainment of a limiting age – see Dependent Coverage in your Flex Plan booklet)

What do you do if  you experience a Life Event?

If you experience a Life Event, contact Human Resource Services with your details no later than 31 days after the Life Event occurs. If you are electing to change your Flex Option and it is not reported within 31 days of the Life Event, the change will not take effect until the next re-enrolment date.

Additionally, any time you experience a Life Event resulting in a change to your family status, you should review your beneficiary designation.

For more information on your Flex Options, refer to your benefits booklet.