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Color Me Rad!

June 27, 2013

Color Me Rad

It’s official, there is now an RRC team registered for the Color Me Rad run/walk on July 21! What is Color Me Rad? The website has a very “colorful” way to describe what it is….basically you run/walk 5km and throughout are attacked with color bombs. Really for no good reason, other than it’s silly and fun!

All proceeds from the race go to Camp Manitou, and everyone is a winner as this is a fun run/walk.

If you want to join an RRC group, please register here and be sure to join team “United Colors of RRC” and use “TERNOWETSKY” as the team captain name. We are signing up for the 9:20 wave on July 21st. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A RUNNER! I’m going to walk and be proud of my accomplishment!

Need some help prepping for a 5km run? Try these tips! Need tips on how to get the colors out of hair and clothes? We’ve got you covered right here!

Thank you Wellness Blogger Carolyn Schmidt for your post on June 17th that inspired this idea!