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Learning Technologies

Viewing, Releasing, and Adjusting the Final Grade in LEARN

January 12, 2018

Viewing, Releasing, and Adjusting the Final Grade in LEARN

When you first set up your gradebook you made a decision about using a Final Calculated or Final Adjusted grade scheme. You can access these grades to view them, release them, or to adjust the final adjusted grade.

  1. Enter the course and click “Assessments”, “Grades”
  2. Enter the “Manage Grades” area.
  3. Click the action button (Framework.ContextMenu.dropArrow) next to “Final Calculated” or “Final Adjusted” grade.
  4. Click “Grade All”.
  5. You can now calculate the adjusted grade by clicking the calculator button (Small Calculator icon for re-calculating the final adjusted grade), add comments, and if you’re on Final Adjusted Grade you can release the grade to the students by clicking the check box beside their name under “Release Final Adjusted Grade”
    • You can release all the students’ grades by selecting the checkbox at the top of the list. This will select all the students and you can then click “release/unrelease” (Release or Unrelease student grades in the gradebook) to make the adjustments all at once.
    • There are several options (including Recalculate All, Transfer All, Clear All, etc.) hidden under the action button (Framework.ContextMenu.dropArrow) beside “Final Grades”.
      Final Adjusted Grades Options
    • “Recalculate All” will allow you to change how the final adjusted grade is calculated.  This will give you the opportunity to remove grade items from all students final adjusted grade.

You’re able to release these grades to the students from under the “Enter Grades” area in the same way.

You can also access an individual student’s grades by clicking their name and then adjust or release their final grade individually.
Final Calculated and Final Adjusted Grade from individual student grades view
(final calculated and adjusted grade for individual student)

Video: Adding Grades to your Gradebook