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Learning Technologies

LEARN Email Change to Send-Only

July 20, 2015

LEARN’s email is being changed to a send-only email system. After this change you will no longer be able to receive email inside of LEARN. LEARN will only be able to send email, and only to designated College accounts.

Basically, the only thing that will be changing about LEARN’s email is where the email is sent. LEARN will still be able to send your emails in exactly the same way you’ve been doing it, except the emails will be sent out to College accounts.

There will be two phases to the introduction of send-only email. The first phase will involve turning off the ability to receive email in LEARN but keeping the inbox as it is now. The second phase will involve turning off the inbox in LEARN entirely, replacing it with a compose email window.

What does this mean?

Phase 1 – Early December 2015, day TBD

  • You will still be able to send emails from LEARN as before, but your emails will go to College email accounts, not LEARN accounts.
  • Receiving email in LEARN is disabled. Instead your email will be received at your College account. You can forward your received email to your regular College email account.
  • Click here for instructions for accessing and using RRC student email accounts.
  • You can still read your previously received email in LEARN
  • The addresses in the address book will be for College accounts only. For staff these addresses end in and for students they end in
  • When your recipient replies to your email their reply will go to their College account.

Phase 2 – January 2, 2016

  • The LEARN inbox is turned off altogether. You will no longer be able to access emails in LEARN. Please make sure you have forwarded important emails to your College account.
  • You will still be able to send emails from LEARN.

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Please contact LEARN Support at if you have any questions or concerns.