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The EcoPass Edition

January 7, 2014

For two years Red River College has offered the EcoPass — a 60% subsidized monthly transit pass — to employees who work at one of our downtown buildings. Negotiated as part of the Collective Agreement, the purpose of the program is to provide a benefit to our downtown employees in light of higher parking rates and more frequent and accessible bus service in Winnipeg’s downtown.

We’ve crunched the numbers on the Ins and Outs of this program and discovered some interesting tidbits to share with you, our sustainably-minded readers. 🙂 Read More →

Big cheers for students caught recycling!

December 4, 2013

Last week, Karl, Brittnay, Reynaldo and Dave got a big surprise when they were caught RECYCLING at our Notre Dame and Exchange District Centre campuses!  The cast and crew from Recycle Everywhere team leaped out to cheer and celebrate our recyclers, and if that wasn’t enough they also walked away with a bike from Woodcock Cycle or a North Face jacket. Not bad for simply putting your empty beverage container in the recycling bin!

stunts photo gallery Read More →

Spotted on Campus – EcoMugs, lots and lots of them

October 28, 2013

Waste Reduction Week Lug-A-Mug 2013

Last week we asked staff and students to lug their mugs for Waste Reduction Week. We spotted more than 600 people on campus toting a reusable mug and sold another 720 EcoMugs to those who typically savour their Double-double with a disposable cups.

We have a lot of campus sustainability accomplishments to celebrate, but EcoMug use isn’t one of them (she writes with pangs of shame). Our current EcoMugs use on campus is 7%. 7%!! Back in 2009, we hovered around 30%. What’s changed? We ask ourselves. Read More →

Waste Reduction Week – Events not to be wasted

October 21, 2013

Waste Reduction Week 2013

From October 21 – 27, Red River College will join hundreds of schools, businesses, non-profit groups, municipalities and Canadian households by participating in Waste Reduction Week.

Throughout the week, the Sustainability Office has planned a bunch of events to engage, inform and promote waste reduction and recycling on campus. Come out to one event or join them all – just don’t waste these great opportunities! Read More →

Bags, bins and elbow grease

October 10, 2013

Sustainability at WorkIt takes a whole lot of bags, bins and elbow grease to run Red River College’s recycling program. By the numbers it’s:

  • 25,000 bags annually
  • 450 bins of various shapes and sizes across our campuses
  • 17-member Recycling Team

I like to call it Sustainability at Work – the active, team effort needed to get all of our recycling out of the bins and out the door. Our Recycling Team is divided across 3 campuses, the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, Roblin Centre and Notre Dame Campus. The team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of collecting and sorting, cleaning and preparing our cardboard, bottles, plastics, paper, cans and food waste for recycling and composting.  Thanks to them, we recycle 963 kg of bottles and cans, 1796 kg of paper, 3070 kg of cardboard and compost 5425 kg of food waste every month. That’s enough to fill 187 residential recycling bins every month!

This isn’t everything we divert from the landfill, but represents a sizable chunk of what we recycle on a daily basis, and provides a good snapshot of the sizable efforts our Recycling Team. So keep the recycling coming, and next time you see a member of the Recycling Team, tell them what a good job they’re doing. 🙂

Theft Prevention > Bike Recovery

September 12, 2013

Bikes and Bikers.

Bikes and Bikers.

Over the years we’ve seen more and more students and staff embrace the power of the pedal by commuting to Red River College by bike. Spring and Fall months, in particular, bustle with bikes.

While reported incidents of bike theft on campus are low (approx. 1/ year), having your bike stolen sucks. Full stop. Read More →

Happy Birthday, Red Goes Green

August 15, 2013

The Sustainability Office (Sue & Sara) celebrates Red Goes Green with a red velvet cupcake.

Happy 1st Birthday Red Goes Green,

You were conceived several years ago. And one year ago today you were finally brought to life.

You were created as a one-stop-site for all of Red River College’s sustainability happenings, events and news to help meet the College’s strategic action of increasing sustainability awareness among students and staff. Between events, speakers, policies and programs, you are one the many tools the Sustainability Office is using to promote sustainability and effect change. Read More →

Red River College Grows a Row

August 2, 2013

Gord McLeod shows off the budding bounty! Red River College is pleased to be participating for the first time in Winnipeg Harvest's Grow a Row Project.

Gord McLeod shows off the budding bounty! Red River College is pleased to be participating for the first time in Winnipeg Harvest’s Grow a Row Project.

Grow-A-Row’s roots date back to 1986 when Winnipeggers Ron and Eunice O’Donovan produced more potatoes in their backyard garden than they could consume. Their vegetables were so well received by Winnipeg Harvest the O’Donovans encouraged friends and neighbours to donate their surplus produce too. Since then Grow-A-Row has yielded millions of pounds of fresh fruit and veggies.

At the College, the project is being led by Gord McLeod and his Pavement & Grounds team. In between weed-whacking, mowing and their other regular duties, Sandhu, Brady, Rob, Ron and student employees take time out of their day to tend to the garden. Read More →

Celebrating 6 months of compost success at Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

July 18, 2013

Six months ago the temperatures were hovering around -30 Celcius and Red River College’s newest building, the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, just opened for business. The Sustainability Office faced the elements and posted a video about our very first compost collection at our new building – our compost maiden voyage.

Well, we’ve been at it for 6 months and we’ve got some exciting news to share. Check it out!