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Get spotted using your EcoMug and WIN!

March 3, 2014

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You may have noticed some new posters around campus reminding us that only 7% of staff and students use a reusable mug, and we continue to create a mountain of disposable cup waste at Red River College. You may have also noticed that the Sustainability Office has been busy trying to turn that around and increase the use of EcoMugs on campus. For example, last October we sold more than 700 EcoMugs to staff and students! We also started a “Mug Shot” campaign that caught over 600 staff and students lugging mugs and we rewarded them with a chance to win FREE coffee!

Now, drum roll please….. Starting in March, we are bringing back our “Mug Shot” campaign and giving away FREE coffee for a month to a lucky EcoMug user.  We may even take your picture to add to our “Mug Shot” line up located in living colour in the Library Hallway (Notre Dame Campus) and on-line at Sustainability@RRC. 

All campuses are encouraged to participate! Even if you are not at the Exchange District or Notre Dame Campuses, please use your EcoMug and encourage others to do the same – especially at meetings or RRC events. Send us your “Mug Shot” and we’ll enter you into the monthly coffee draw! Send that photo of you and your mug to Most importantly, when you purchase a hot beverage on campus using your EcoMug you save $.10 on your purchase and you are counted as one of our EcoMug users.

So come on everyone, let’s get busy lugging our mugs and help move us far beyond that 7%.