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Student Email upgrade continuing into May 16th

May 16, 2016

IT Solutions is in the process of upgrading the Student Email System to utilize Office 365.  The process is still ongoing and Student email will continue to not be fully functional until completion of the upgrade.  It is expected that Student Email will continue to be unavailable on Monday May 16th.  Once the upgrade is completed, notices in this space, Caselog and on the login page for Student Email will notify you of its completion.

Red River College's Student Email is getting a new look!

May 6, 2016

On May 16, Red River College is rolling out a new Student Email system (powered by Office 365), which will enable you to access your email, contacts, and calendar from virtually anywhere. Stay in sync and on schedule with Outlook, and coordinate more effectively with classmates and Instructors. The new Student Email will not change how you send email from Learn, but it will provide additional communication enhancements to you.
You’ll be sent further information regarding this change to your current student email.
Student Email will not be available from 4pm on Friday, May 13 until 10pm on Sunday, May 15 while we perform the upgrade,
Keep an eye on this space for links to additional information.

DROWN Attack Exploit Prevention

March 14, 2016

IT Solutions has identified an web server exploit called DROWN that was recently released and worked with support staff to remove the potential vulnerability on a limited number of the College web servers.  The work completed was from a preventive maintenance perspective, no issues with this vulnerability were detected.

Spam email messages sent to Student Mailboxes Jan 22nd 2016 to Jan 26th 2016

January 27, 2016

IT Solutions has resolved an issue with Student’s receiving multiple messages from, and since Friday January 22nd.  These messages are considered spam and were not sent from IT Solutions.
Please delete any messages from, or that were received between January 22nd 2016 and January 26th 2016.

RRCWireless Wifi Network Down – RESOLVED

November 28, 2015

UPDATE – The issue affecting RRCWireless has been resolved and all functionality restored.  Any further issues experienced with the RRCWireless wifi network should be reported via Caselog at the following link:

Slow outbound email delivery

October 15, 2015

2015/10/15 *** Resolved.  Email now functioning normally
2015/10/14 IT Solutions is currently aware of an issue with email delivery delays that could be as much as 30 minutes for messages to email addresses outside of the College.  There is no delay of for messages sent to RRC Staff from RRC Staff or Staff to Student and vice versa.  IT Solutions will update this notice upon resolution of this issue