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DROWN Attack Exploit Prevention

March 14, 2016

IT Solutions has identified an web server exploit called DROWN that was recently released and worked with support staff to remove the potential vulnerability on a limited number of the College web servers.  The work completed was from a preventive maintenance perspective, no issues with this vulnerability were detected.

Spam email messages sent to Student Mailboxes Jan 22nd 2016 to Jan 26th 2016

January 27, 2016

IT Solutions has resolved an issue with Student’s receiving multiple messages from, and since Friday January 22nd.  These messages are considered spam and were not sent from IT Solutions.
Please delete any messages from, or that were received between January 22nd 2016 and January 26th 2016.

RRCWireless Wifi Network Down – RESOLVED

November 28, 2015

UPDATE – The issue affecting RRCWireless has been resolved and all functionality restored.  Any further issues experienced with the RRCWireless wifi network should be reported via Caselog at the following link:

Slow outbound email delivery

October 15, 2015

2015/10/15 *** Resolved.  Email now functioning normally
2015/10/14 IT Solutions is currently aware of an issue with email delivery delays that could be as much as 30 minutes for messages to email addresses outside of the College.  There is no delay of for messages sent to RRC Staff from RRC Staff or Staff to Student and vice versa.  IT Solutions will update this notice upon resolution of this issue

Reporting power problems

October 5, 2015

Please do not use Case Log to report power problems. The Facility Management department requires staff to create a work order through the “Request work order for maintenance and repairs” link in Web Advisor. Students should report power problems to their instructor.

College Web Site Maintenance

September 24, 2015

There is a planned outage to address a Microsoft service pack cumulative update and security update on our main College web.  This will be done Friday September 25th after 5pm.  It is expected that the outage will be about half an hour and a temporary simple web page with some main links to other working sites.  The main message will be:  “RRC.CA is temporarily unavailable – we apologize for any inconvenience and will restore full service as soon as possible.”

VDI Currently Unavaliable

August 21, 2015

***This issue is resolved prior to classes starting on August 28th***
ITS is aware of an issue with the Virtual Desktop environment and is actively working to resolve the issue. Virtual Desktops will be unavailable until further notice. Areas that utilize the Virtual Desktop environment will be informed when the issue has been resolved.