Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for students is now available

May 11, 2022

As part of RRC Polytech’s ongoing commitment to improve our cyber security posture, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now available for all RRC Polytech students. We are encouraging all students to get ahead of the curve and implement this additional security feature now, as this will become a requirement later this year.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a process where students will be required to provide a secondary authentication method when logging on to access College resources such as student email, HUB, Office 365 productivity and collaboration tools. Many of you will already have experience using MFA to access services such as online banking, personal email, and social media sites.

Increasingly, bad actors try to compromise accounts to steal personal and financial information, send spam (unsolicited email), malicious software and ransomware. Ransomware is often used to block access to your data until money has been paid. Enabling MFA is an effective way of preventing these types of attacks.

When using MFA, you will initially provide your password and then provide a secondary authentication using a smart phone application. It is a simple and secure process that pairs something you know with something you have and is a great way to protect your college account and your information.

Setting up MFA is an easy process that takes about 10 minutes to complete. The most convenient way to use MFA is with a smart phone and you will need to install the Microsoft Authenticator application.

To setup MFA for your RRC Polytech account, please follow the detailed installation instructions.

Students who have already setup MFA on their personal computers, and use that computer to access College resources, will automatically be enrolled to use MFA on their College accounts starting on May 11, 2022. This is just an extension of the security feature you have already enabled and beginning on this date, you will be prompted for your secondary authentication when signing into college resources.

If you should experience any issues during the installation, or after installation, please email the service desk at