IMPORTANT: You must complete the following two steps below before you install a College printer.
  1. Refer to the Install PaperCut on your device webpage to install PaperCut print management software. PaperCut allows you to install, access, and use College networked printers on your personal tablet or laptop.
  2. Refer to the instructions on the Student PaperCut webpage to add credit to your PaperCut account and to view more PaperCut features.
  3. NOTE: Instructions for a Mac are located at Install a College printer on your Mac.

Install a College Printer

  1. To find available printers for your Campus on the print server, click on the Windows Start icon on the bottom left‑hand side of your taskbar, type the name of the print server as shown below, and click on the search result:
    • For Notre Dame Campus printers, use \\studentprintndc.
    • For Exchange District Campus printers, use \\ studentprintNDC
  2. Enter your College Username as academic\username, enter your Password , and then click OK.

    NOTE: Ensure that you select the Remember my credentials check box; otherwise, you will have to go through the first part of this process again. If you choose not to at this time, you will have the opportunity again the next time you log in.

    college username and password
  3. In the File Explorer window, find the printer icon that matches the room location where you would like to print, right‑click the printer, and then click Connect.
    studentprintndc window and connect

Once the installation of this printer is complete, you will be able to print to the selected printer.

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