Install a College printer on your Mac

IMPORTANT: You must complete the following two steps below before you install a College printer on your Mac.
  1. Please see the Install PaperCut on your Mac webpage to install the PaperCut print management software. PaperCut allows you to install, access, and use College networked printers on your personal Mac.
  2. See the Student PaperCut webpage for instructions to add credit to your PaperCut account and to view more PaperCut features.
NOTE: For Windows and Android users, please see the Install College printer on your device webpage.

Install a College Printer

  1. To find available printers for your Campus, click the Apple icon on the top left‑hand side of your screen.
    click the apple icon on top bar
  2. On the submenu, click System Preferences.
    click system preferences
  3. Click Printers & Scanners.
    click printers & scanners
  4. Click the Add + icon on the left‑hand side to set up a printer.
    click the + sign on the bottom left-hand side
  5. Click the IP button.
    click IP
  6. On the Add menu, complete the following fields:
    • Address:
      • For Notre Dame Campus printers, use studentprintndc.
      • For Exchange District Campus printers, use studentprintedc.
    • Protocol: Select Line Printer Daemon – LPD.
    • Queue: Select the academic lab where you would like to print. This example shows F113_PRT1 in the Queue field, which is an academic lab located in Building F – Room 113 at the Notre Dame Campus.
    • Name: The address above will default into the name field, but you can change the name to something else, such as the lab room number.
    • Driver: You can select either Generic PostScript Printer or Generic PCL Printer. Either choice will provide you with most of your printing needs.
    • Click Add.
      add information as per document then click add
  7. On the Setting up window, click OK.
    click ok

Once the installation process is complete, you will be able to print to the selected printer.

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